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All She Ever Wanted Was To Be A Part Of Your Heart, But You Let Her Slip Away


Congratulations to you. You successfully managed to lose the girl who was ready to undress her soul in front of you and give you her heart on a silver platter.

You took her for granted. You thought she’d be around until you make up your mind. But you were so wrong. And it makes me really sad when I think about it.

Because she was ready to do anything just to be with you. She could have given you everything your heart desired. She could have loved you from the depths of her soul, but you decided to throw it all away.

You decided to mess up her mind and act foolish when all she ever wanted was you.

All she ever needed was one sign from you. One word from you. 

A simple “STAY” was all she needed to hear.

All she ever hoped for was a future with you. She was ready for it and showed in so many ways that you are the only person for her.

And what did you do?

You made her a fool and let her believe that’s the same thing you want from life.

And, yes, she believed you. She didn’t care about your quirks. She didn’t care about your flaws. She didn’t even care what others had to say about you. Because she was madly in love with you.

She didn’t care for anything else than you.

Because she was a girl who believed in the pure, pinkish side of the world. She believed in a possible Utopia.

She believed that people can be kind, and love can come true.

That’s why she blindly believed in you. To her, you were the purest thing in the world.

And all you had to do was to give her the feedback she needed. The sign that she is to you what you are to her.

She deserved to be treated right, she deserved to be held and told she’s loved.

She was a simple, honest girl who only needed to see the effort in your eyes. She wasn’t the type of woman you can buy with expensive flowers and luxurious jewelry. She didn’t ask to be on top of the world. She didn’t ask for the moon and sky.

She only wanted your attention and your sincerest affection.

But, I guess you couldn’t even look her in the eyes?

 It was just too much for you, wasn’t it?

You weren’t capable of committing to her like she was. Because you figured that it’s best if you keep your options open. After all, it is you who said that “there are plenty of fish in the sea”.

And all the while, she kept hoping that you’ll eventually give her a piece of your heart. She made you her priority, she risked her life for you, she gave everything for you. She kept searching for a shortcut to your soul.

Because she had the slightest bit of hope that one day everything will be fine.

And she chose to hold on to that thought.

But, it was all pointless. You didn’t see any of the things she did.

The worst part? You didn’t even bother to acknowledge her efforts.

Instead, you picked the easier way. You took her for granted. You got used to the attention from her and you thought to yourself “She’ll be here no matter what I do”

But, while you were busy living your second life without her, she got tired and stopped fighting for good.

No, she didn’t give up without a proper fight. And as much as you like to deny her effort, deep inside you know just how much she was willing to give you.

She was ready to put up with everything, just to see that little sparkle in your eyes.

But, you pushed her away. You played hard to get. You took her for granted. You destroyed her soul. You thought she’s stupid.

You made her feel unwanted. And eventually, you helped her realize the awful truth.

So, I say congratulations to you. You just lost something priceless. Something that money can’t buy. Something that most people desperately struggle to find it.

You lost a woman who was ready to be entirely yours.

You lost a woman who could’ve made you the happiest man alive.

You lost a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Image: Alexander Shark

Stephanie Reeds