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ADHD Was Created By Big Pharma To Push Drugs On Children For The Sole Purpose On Gaining Profit


ADHD still remains a controversy. Many people firmly believe that ADHD really exists, while others are doubtful of its existence. Regardless of what you believe is true, you can agree that there are many children who are diagnosed and treated for it even when they don’t have it.

Many doctors have debated about this problem for years pointing out the severity of it, while others are still labeling every ‘problem’ child with an ADHD diagnosis without second-guessing.

The neurologist Richard Saul is among those who are speaking out against diagnosing children with ADHD. He, himself, has had many patients who were losing focus and patients with short attention spans. He mentioned on many occasions that he is certain that ADHD is a ‘fictitious disorder.’

And when we get into reading about ADHD there are many things out there that make this ‘disorder’ look so real. But let’s be honest, if ADHD is real, it is not so real and serious as they diagnose it today.

The ADHD is by itself a scapegoat for some parents who simply don’t want to deal with their ‘hyper’ children. And while it is true that some children are more ‘hyper’ than others, still, drugging them with pills is not a solution.

Joe Jarvis wrote a paper on this subject where he explained why he believes that ADHD is a ‘fake disease.’ He made some excellent points saying that he thinks that the way we teach and raise our children makes all the difference.

Here’s what he wrote:

What do you think about this? For more information, check out the video below.


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