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A Strong Woman Doesn’t Abandon Herself For The Sake Of A Relationship

A Strong Woman Doesn’t Abandon Herself For The Sake Of A Relationship

A strong and quality woman doesn’t lose herself in love. She doesn’t lose herself in another human being. She never forgets who she is and what her values are in order to please someone else.

You see, love is a beautiful but extremely powerful force. Sometimes it’s like a drug and you may never know how much “addicted” you’ve become until you lose it. Until you don’t have it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, love is amazing. It’s rare and precious and not many people have truly experienced the feeling of truly being in love with someone.

But you must be careful. You must be careful to not lose yourself and your identity after you fall in love with someone. Don’t lose the sense of who you were before him. Don’t forget about your dreams and goals. Never lose yourself in another person.

I lost myself once. I thought it was the right and the healthy thing to do when you love someone. I naively thought that being in love with someone means giving that person your all. How wrong was I… I got stuck in an unhealthy, fucked-up relationship and for a long time I didn’t know how to get out. Why? Because when you give someone your everything, all you’re left with is nothing. And you feel lost without them.

And that is the most dangerous thing that a woman can do to herself. To feel like she isn’t whole when she is without him.

A strong woman knows better. She has a presence of mind. She is kind to herself first before she is kind to someone else. She doesn’t lose herself for the sake of being in a relationship because she is already fulfilled on her own.

She is a whole person and she needs only a whole individual to walk by her side. Because, when it comes to love, two halves don’t make a whole. A healthy relationship consists of two healthy and balanced ‘whole’ individuals ready to commit to each other in a real way.

And a strong woman will never accept anything less than that.  

Mary Wright

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Mary Wright