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A Strong, Self-Respecting Person Will Never Tolerate These Things In A Relationship

A Strong Self-Respecting Person

A strong, self-respecting person is someone who knows their own worth and follows their values, no matter how much they make them stand out from the crowd. A strong person is aware of their own flaws, but at the same time they are aware of their strengths. A strong person is confident and ambitious, but at the same time, they radiate with humbleness.

Most importantly, a strong person never ever begs for love or settles for less than they deserve. A strong, self-respecting individuals don’t need a partner to feel happy and complete. That is why they never tolerate things that go against their own belief and moral system.

If you’ve been lucky to meet someone like this, congratulations. Just know that they would never forgive you for these behaviors in a relationship:

1. Disrespecting them. A person who knows their own worth would never tolerate being disrespected by someone, much less by their partner. Strong people have dignity and they know how important it is to be able to accept yourself and love yourself just the way you are. Flawed, imperfect, strange and sometimes different. They are their own priority in life.

2. Lying them to their faces. This seems like an obvious one. Whatever you do, don’t ever think that you could lie to these people without getting caught. You can’t. It doesn’t matter if it is a white, harmless lie. If they find out that you’ve been hiding something from them, you will most likely regret it. The best thing you can always do is come clean. Whatever it is, they would gladly hear the truth, then be manipulated and lied.

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3. Making foolish excuses. Just don’t. This is pretty much the same as lying. Making excuses is avoiding taking responsibility for your actions. If this becomes an everyday routine, have in mind that it will soon start impacting your relationship.

4. Being insecure about them. Insecurity can manifest in many different ways. Some people manifest it through jealousy. But whatever the case is, know that a strong person would never tolerate being with someone who is not sure about what they want in life. These people have a lot of more important things they want to do with their lives rather than waiting for someone to make up their mind.

5. Not valuing their time and efforts. If you prove yourself that you can be reliable to a strong individual, know that you are there to stay a long time. I am serious. What strong people never ever put up with is people who are unreliable and have no respect for other people’s time. Flakiness and disorganization are the biggest deal-breakers for these people.

6. Not supporting their dreams. This should go without saying. How can one relationship grow and thrive if the people in it don’t bother to encourage one another to fight for what makes them happy and never give up on their dreams? Simple. It can’t.

If you are dating a strong, self-respecting person and you cannot promise them that you would never ever do these things to them, you need to open up and be honest with them. if you can’t be the person that they deserve, don’t waste their time.

Walk away and let them find their happiness someplace else.

Stephanie Reeds