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A Relationship Should Be Between You And Your Partner, Not The Whole World

A Relationship Should Be Between You And Your Partner, Not The Whole World

Is it me or people nowadays have become very comfortable when it comes to opening the door to random people in their lives? I feel like everyone around me is so busy trying to impress their friends, family, even strangers that they forget the most important thing there is in life.

Real connection. Pure, all-consuming, out-of-this-world, powerful connection with another human being. A bond that takes your breath away and makes you want to hide it from the world. Keep it for yourself. Preserve it. Nurture it. Take good care of it. Help it thrive. Enjoy it on your own…

It’s madness out there, I’m telling you. What’s even more tragic is that it is becoming a trend. This whole thing is becoming a habit to many people I know. And yet, they don’t understand it. They don’t understand that putting their best efforts to make people like them so they can be validated, makes them miss out on good people with good hearts. They don’t understand that being in an intimate relationship with another human being requires communication, trust, and utmost respect.

Let’s just think about it.

The very moment of meeting another person, the exchange of looks, the way you touch, the way you speak to each other, the way you understand your partner’s soul without even talking is intimate. All of these things constitute a sacred connection. A link between the two of you that connects only you and your lover. No one else around you. Not your friends. Not your family. Not your relatives. Not your siblings.

It shouldn’t be shared with the world. It shouldn’t concern others. Because when you let others tell you who is right for you, you are no longer following your heart, but theirs. You are no longer living for yourself, but for them.

Date in silence. Give yourself and your partner the space that you need and move far away from the world. Give yourself the chance to love out loud, without anyone telling you how wrong or right that is. Give yourself the chance to follow your heart and do what you feel it’s best for you. Let yourself be free and take the risks that make your heart pound like crazy. You will never know where life will bring you until you try. So, try it. Go against anything others tell you. Trust your own heart and love from the bottom of your heart. Without thinking about whether you will fly or fall.

Love out loud but do it far away from people’s jealous and curious minds. Do it so no one really knows how bright the fire between you two burns.

A relationship should be between you and your partner, not the whole world.

Stephanie Reeds