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A Loyal Man Will Never Hurt You – He’ll Love And Cherish You Till The End Of Time


Not all of us are lucky to meet a loyal and mature man who knows what he wants. Most people I know jump from a relationship to a relationship, and they ultimately end up with the wrong person.

But, if you were blessed to find yourself a faithful and loyal partner in crime, I really envy you.

I hope you know that you’re truly lucky. Because finding a loyal and devoted person who genuinely loves you with all of his heart is something truly rare nowadays.

A loyal man will be beside you through thick and thin. He will celebrate your success. He will be your shoulder to cry on. Most importantly, he will guide you through the dark times and he will light up your journey with his kindness.

A loyal man will pick your broken parts and glue all the pieces together. He will help you get up and keep walking when it feels difficult to even move your feet or open your eyes. He will be your unconditional support every step of the way.

A loyal man will care more about you than sex. He will value you for your witty brains, your intelligent mind and your peculiar nature, not your tiny waist and your big booty. He’ll do anything to connect with your soul, to discover the darkest depths of your heart, all of your biggest dreams and goals.

A loyal man will not be afraid to express his emotions to you. He won’t hesitate to show you his vulnerable side and everything his heart carries. Because once he finds someone worth loving, he’ll love from the very depths of his soul.

More importantly, a loyal man will never hide the truth from you. He will give you everything and more than you expect. He’ll undress his soul naked. He’ll let you see the ugly parts as well as the beautiful pieces of his soul.

He will always make sure to speak nothing but the truth. And no, he won’t sugar-coat his words for you. He’ll say it like he means it, whether you like it or not. Nothing but raw and uncensored honesty.

A loyal man will fight for you. Because he believes in true love. He might have been broken, but he never lost his will to search for the right kind of love. That’s why, once he finds you, a devoted and faithful man will do anything to preserve his relationship with you.

Above all, a loyal man will respect you and treat you the way all people should be treated. He’ll devote his life to you. He’ll get out of his way to make you happy and see you smile. He’ll respect your boundaries and your private time. He’ll be the one who will guard your heart, who will protect your wellbeing and hold your hand in the darkest hours of your existence.

A loyal man will be your eternal companion in life, your faithful partner in crime, your best friend, your teammate, your sincerest buddy.

A loyal man will never dare to play with your heart – He will love and cherish you till the end of time. Endlessly. Eternally. Genuinely. Forevermore.

Image: Drecksherz

Stephanie Reeds