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A Loyal Man Is The One Who Looks Exactly Like This


A truly loyal man doesn’t make you feel like you have to compare yourself with other women. Instead, he makes you feel like you’re the prettiest, the most desirable, and the most amazing woman in the world.  He is aware of your worth and he knows how amazing you are.

A loyal man makes sure you’re aware of your own worth too. He makes sure you’re aware of all your qualities and strength. He makes sure you value and love yourself.

A loyal man isn’t interested in one-night stands and dating apps. He’s not interested in “exploring other options” and flirting with other women when he has a real lady by his side.

A loyal man is able to see beyond your outward beauty. He can see the beauty of your soul.

A truly loyal man is interested in more than just sleeping with you. He’s interested in your life experiences, your sense of humor, your goals, your likes and dislikes, your dreams, your passions.

A loyal man adores spending time with you. He enjoys being around you no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

He loves being by your side because he believes that true intimacy is much more than just being naked together in bed. He believes that genuine intimacy involves cuddling and attentively listening to each other speak.

A loyal man always has you in his mind. He can be miles away from you, but he always has you in his mind and heart. He calls you to hear your voice and ask how you are when you’re not around. He tells you to text him when you go home late from work so as to know that you’ve arrived home safe and sound.

A truly loyal man is proud of everything you are and everything you do. He’s more than willing to introduce you to his loved ones. He enjoys praising you and talking about you to his friends and family. He wants everyone to know how happy he feels for having you in his life.

A loyal man is always himself around you. He is not ashamed to show you his weaknesses and vulnerable sides. He lets you reach the deepest parts of his soul.

A truly loyal man knows the meaning of trust and values honesty the most. Therefore, he always tells you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. Even when it is going to be painful for you to accept it.

A loyal man respects and appreciates you enough to tell you the truth just the way it is instead of sugarcoating it or beating about the bush to make it look more pleasant and acceptable.

A loyal man always keeps his promises. He doesn’t like playing manipulation games. He can’t stand empty promises, lame excuses, and lies. He knows that things like these can ruin your relationship and destroy your trust in him. And once that happens, he’ll lose you. And that – that is his greatest fear.

Riley Cooper