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A Letter To The Future Me – Everything Will Be Okay

Dear Future Self—You Will be Okay

Hello future me,

I don’t know where you are in life right now. I don’t know what kind of problems you are facing, I don’t know if you are at a crossroad or not, or if you are faced with an important decision that will change your life. Or maybe you are relaxed right now, sitting at your apartment, having accomplished everything you wanted by now.

Wherever you are, I want to tell you that I knew that you were going to make it. And if you are not there yet, this is a kind reminder to you that everything will be okay. That you will survive any obstacle that comes your way and you will make it.

And when you feel down and uncertain of yourself, just remember the times when you thought you couldn’t and yet, you did it. Remember your power. Remember your resilience. Remember your strength. 

See all the beauty around you. See all the happiness and love that is around you. See all the amazing friends and family members you have who are always there for you. There are many wonderful things that you have that you should be grateful for. 

Moreover, I really hope you know that every day is a new beginning. That you always have a choice and a chance to start over. When one door closes, another opens and it will lead you to where you need to be. 

Every detour, every problem is a new opportunity for you to start over and make a better future for yourself. You just need to have faith in you as I have for you. Be patient and you will know what to do. 

I will always be there for you to help you on your path and teach you all the lessons along the way. I will always hold your hand and help you become a better person. I care about you and your wellbeing and I will never allow anything bad to happen to you. 

It’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to not know what to do. It’s okay to not know whether you are making the right decision. 

You only need to believe in yourself that you can and you will! Never lose the good heart and the kindness you have in you. Never lose the love you have and don’t be afraid to spread it around. This cold world needs warmth. 

This world needs you. I need you. 

Mary Wright