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A Heartfelt Letter To The Guy Who Emotionally Destroyed Me


In case you don’t remember me – I am the girl you emotionally destroyed. I am the girl whose heart you broke into a thousand tiny pieces. I am the girl whose hopes you shattered so nonchalantly.

I am the girl that loved you with all her heart and soul. The girl that wanted to make you happy.  The girl that was ready to do anything for you.

I am the girl that believed you felt about her the way she felt about you. The girl that believed you were different. The girl that believed that she’d stay with you forever.

And here I am – talking to you – the person that is no longer a part of my life. The person that emotionally ruined me.

I never truly understood why you treated me the way you did. I never understood what I did to deserve your indifference. Your manipulations.  Your twisted mind games. Your lies.

All I wanted to do was give you the love I believed you were worthy of. I wanted to make you feel happy and fulfilled, but you destroyed my happiness instead.

You convinced me that you loved me. That you cared about me. That you weren’t like the other guys. But all that was a huge lie.

You weren’t in love with me. Instead, you were in love with the way I made you feel. You were in love with the kindness and compassion I treated you with. You liked the way I talked to you. The way I looked at you. The way I took care of your needs and wishes.

You loved the fact that you meant the world to me. That you had a special place in my heart. That I trusted you.

Yes, I trusted you and that was my greatest mistake. I believed in you enough to bare my soul to you. I believed in you enough to show you my vulnerable sides, my insecurities, and my deepest fears. I did all that because I believed that you deserved my trust. I believed that you truly wanted to know everything about me. And what did you do?

You used my weaknesses and imperfections against me. You made me believe that I’d never have to spend a night crying again. That I would never have to piece my heart back together again because you’d always protect it.

You fed my hopes with your empty promises and sweet words. You used your charm and manipulation tactics to get under my skin. You slowly became my life and you managed to destroy it without a second thought.

But you know what?

I don’t hate you. I don’t hate you at all.

I don’t hate you because that phase of my life is over. I am no longer that naïve girl. I’ve grown. I’ve changed.

I no longer try to understand why you broke my heart. Maybe I was some kind of a project or trophy to you that you could brag about in front of your friends. Maybe I was just someone that you believed you could have fun with and then get rid of as soon as you found someone “more interesting.” Maybe I was just someone that you used to build yourself up by pointing out my flaws and making me feel unworthy.

Anyway, nothing of that matters now. You don’t have power over me anymore. You no longer mean anything to me.

Therefore, I want you to know that I don’t hate you. Instead, I want to tell you – thank you.

Thank you for showing me what I didn’t deserve.

Thank you for showing me that there was nothing wrong with me and that it was not me who wasn’t good enough for you, but you. You were the selfish and inconsiderate one.

Thank you for making me understand that YOU didn’t deserve ME!

Thank you for the night when you told me those harsh words because that was the night when you gave me the courage to finally walk away and let go of you.

Thank you for showing me that my heart can be broken in ways that I never thought it could. Thank you for showing me that regardless of how many times someone emotionally breaks me, I can always find a way to piece myself back together and heal.

Thank you for putting me in such a dark place that I had no choice left but to find a way out and see the light again.

Thank you for making me grow. Thank you for helping me become wiser and stronger.

And finally, thank you for shaping me into the person that I am today – confident, wise, resilient, and tough. Thank you!

Riley Cooper