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A Guy’s Opinion On Why Women Prefer Dating Men With Money


Yesterday I was hanging out with one of my male friends and of course, we touched on the topic of love and relationships. And, he pointed out that every woman wants a rich man. Obviously, as a woman, I got pissed off, but I kindly asked him to elaborate and tell me why he thinks that. And here is how he went on explaining what he meant by that:

“When you are dating a woman, at the beginning stages, you are on your best behavior. You are courting her, bringing her flowers, taking her out on great dates, and so on. And she is having an amazing time because she finds you so charming, attentive, interesting, and funny. You are making her feel good and cared for. And with the passionate kisses, you share… she is instantly feeling more connected to you and desirable as a woman.

However, later on, you find yourself wanting to spend more time at home since you can’t understand why you have to spend money at a bar and see all the same faces and listen to the same songs again and again. And yet, when the boys ask you out, you quickly forget about your money (problems) and you feel energized and happy to go out and see the same people and listen to the same music. That’s the irony…

Women want to be in a fun and exciting relationship. They want to relax after a hard day at work and destress by getting a massage or a glass of wine. Or go for a nice vacation every now and then. Of course, she can still be independent, and she should be. However, her independence doesn’t mean that she should only go out with her girlfriends or always foot the bill when you two go out.

Women want to live a comfortable life, therefore it’s only natural for them to prefer dating men with money because together they can live a better life. Don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t make a woman materialistic. And while it’s true that money can’t buy you happiness, it is also true that the majority of women want to travel and have amazing experiences, and we all know that those experiences cost money.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still beauty in just lying there at home, watching Netflix and chilling. It’s even more beautiful if during the movie she falls asleep in your arms with her head on your chest. Cuddling is a soothing pleasure that is the backbone of any healthy relationship.

But a woman also needs to experience variety. Plus, let’s all agree that women appreciate ambitious men who have their shit together. They want men who are successful, confident and driven. They want men who are positive, responsible, and who don’t live anything to chance. That’s what’s sexy and alluring to women.

Again, let’s be clear about something. A good woman doesn’t expect you to be rich. That’s not the reason why she is with you. Of course, a woman who loves you will be with you during both good and bad times. However, you must be ambitious and follow your passion. You should be able to provide for your children, nice dinners and romantic weekend getaways.

Finally, if a woman prefers to be with a man with money, that doesn’t automatically make her a gold digger. She is simply wanting to live a beautiful life with you.”

Ladies, gentlemen… Do you agree with this? I am waiting to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Mary Wright