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8-Year-Old Boy Becomes A Superhero After Beating Stage 4 Brain Cancer


When we hear someone fell down the stairs, we immediately think of broken bones which luckily, can be healed and treated. And even though worse injuries do happen, it is still unbelievably rare to be diagnosed with a serious disease after falling down the stairs.

Cameron Scott is an 8-year-old boy who is obsessed with superheroes. He absolutely adores them. His favorite superhero is Batman. Why? Because his superpower is located in his brain.

Unfortunately, the little boy Cameron fell down the stairs and his parents quickly took him to the hospital because he was injured on his back. However, after an MRI scan, the doctors found something much worse than they thought.

“It was like an out-of-body experience,” his mother, Tamika Scott said. “They initially showed us the back and his spine, and the doctor looking at the pictures turned to the other doctors and said, ‘I need another MRI. I need you to scan upward.”’

The doctors found a high-risk stage 4 tumor also known as Medulloblastoma in Cameron’s brain that had moved down his spine.

The doctors immediately operated him to remove the tumor. After the four-hour-long surgery, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital gave him a treatment that involved pioneered gene sequencing. This means that instead of putting the kid through full-body chemotherapy, the tumor is being treated where it is located.

After a year of treatment and 6 months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, Cameron is now CANCER FREE!

“He’s my hero,” his father said.

The happy family including his parents and his 5 older siblings celebrated their victory in beating cancer with a vacation to the Legoland Florida Resort.

Watch Cameron’s happy story in the video below.

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