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8 Undeniable Signs You’re A Romantically Inclined Introvert


Are you often told that you’re reserved, quiet, too sensitive, or anti – social? Or do you behave differently from those who are more extroverted in your romantic relationships? Well, if the answer is yes, let me tell you that you’re definitely a romantic introvert.

An introvert is a type of a person who is focused more on their inner feelings and thoughts rather than on external sources of stimulation. But this doesn’t mean that they’re anti – social, shy, or boring. In fact, many introverts like spending time around others. But, the thing is, they prefer to spend time with their close friends over being in huge crowds.

While, introverts can come in many types, when it comes to love and dating, they more or less share the same characteristics.

So, if the following 8 behaviors look familiar to you, you can consider yourself a romantic introvert.

Here they are:

1. Focusing on meeting “The One.”

Introverts carefully choose who they’re going to devote their love and attention to. Romantic relationships matter to them and they take them seriously.

They don’t flirt around  or date more people. Instead, they mainly focus on finding  the right person for them, and then settle down. To most romantic introverts, casual dating is exhausting. It tires them so much that when the person who might be the one for them appears and they commit themselves to them, they feel relieved because they don’t have to flirt or date others anymore.

2. Looking for trust in a partner.

What most romantic introverts want from a partner is security, safety, and predictability. They want to be with someone they know they can always trust and rely on. Yet, besides having these needs, introverts also look for other qualities in their partner. They want them to be spontaneous, charismatic, and adventurous.

3. Spending time thinking about love.

While those who are extroverted focus more on action, introverts spend time reflecting about romantic relationships. They  may think about them both prior to and while dating someone. For example, they analyze the qualities of the person they like and weigh the pros and cons of whether or not they should be with them. They also carefully analyze how much connected and compatible they’re with their partner.

4. Hoping  to get noticed.

Most romantic introverts have an indirect approach to courtship. They don’t openly show the person they like how they feel, yet, they hope to get noticed.

To attract the other person’s attention, they hint and put themselves in a position in which they’ll get easily noticed.  This kind of courtship may not really help them get the desired results and it could also create misunderstanding.

5. Love fantasizing about romance.

Whether their fantasy is based  on a real love scenario or fiction, romantic introverts enjoy fantasizing about romance. Besides daydreaming, they can fantasize in other ways, such as reading, writing, gaming, or internet surfing.

6. Preferring to “take it slow.”

Once a romantic introvert starts dating someone, they don’t like to rush things in the relationship. They prefer to allow their relationship to progress at a slow pace, but steadily. This gives them time to get to know their partner better and see whether their relationship will progress over time.

7. Thinking about what went right or wrong after a date or dispute.

After having a date or a dispute, romantic introverts tend to analyze the positive and the negative sides of the experience. They carefully reflect on every detail within themselves or they do this with one or two people they have confidence in.

Sometimes, this tendency to analyze every aspect of their dates or quarrels can be overwhelming for them. But, in most cases it enables them to better understand and more easily navigate their relationships.

8. Needing time to recharge.

Even when they’re in a relationship that makes them feel happy and emotionally fulfilled, most romantic introverts need to have me-time so as to recharge their batteries and reflect on the progress of the relationship. They need time to reflect on their own feelings and rejuvenate.

Riley Cooper