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8 Things Women That Have Been Hurt Time And Time Again Do Unknowingly


We learn something new every day and we change over the years, yet there is nothing that can affect us more than heartbreaks.

Heartbreaks destroy our expectations. They change our perspective on life and love. They make us suspicious of everyone and everything around us. They make us build high walls around our hearts. They make us feel isolated from the world. They shatter our hopes.

Heartbreaks make us think, talk, and act differently. They make us do certain things unconsciously – things that make us different from other women.

Here they are:

1. We begin to doubt everyone and everything around us.

When your heart has been broken time and time again, it’s difficult to trust someone again. It’s hard to believe someone’s promises, compliments, and actions again.

That’s why we become suspicious of other people’s motives when they show interest in us. We don’t let anyone get too close to us again.

2. We’ve given up on romance.

Romantic movies, roses, candles, sunsets, and all that “feeling butterflies in your stomach” and “till death do us part” crap appear funny to us. These things have no longer any meaning for us – they’re just an unrealistic, cliched portrayal of love.

3. We don’t fear sadness – we have accepted it as a way of life.

Sadly, regardless of how much other people encourage us to think positively and move forward, sadness is something that has become an inseparable part of our lives.

So, instead of living our lives by focusing on the present moment, we dwell on our past pains, mistakes, and regrets. We just believe that sadness is meant to stay in our lives forever.

4. We become flirtatious.

We’ve had our hearts broken too many times and this has made us realize that life will always be cruel to us. So, the best way to protect ourselves from getting hurt again is not to take anything seriously.

What does this mean? Well, it means no more serious, long-term relationships. No more commitment. No more deep feelings. Just casual flirt.

5. We tend to jump back to our ex-partners.

We’ve got our hearts broken before, so one more heartbreak won’t surprise us for sure. Instead of letting go of our exes completely, we sometimes tend to reach out to them. We text them in the middle of the night without realizing that their reply will most likely hurt us even more.

6. We guard our secrets.

Our past heartbreaks made everything we believed in shatter into pieces. They destroyed all our expectations and beliefs about love. So, we’ve realized that the best way to go through life is to closely guard our secrets. And not only our secrets, but our feelings, insecurities, and fears too.

7. We unintentionally hurt others.

Our heartbreaks sometimes make us treat others heartlessly and cruelly. Out of fear of getting abandoned again, we abandon first. We are indifferent and we say bad things to other men – we treat other guys the way guys treated us before.

8. We might be broken, but we secretly hope that things will get better.

Although our hurtful past has made us prisoners of our insecurities and fears, we believe that things can change.

We secretly hope that there’s someone out there waiting for us. Someone who will accept and cherish us for who we are. Someone who will reciprocate our feelings. Someone who will treat us with kindness, compassion, and dignity. Someone who will never break our hearts.

Riley Cooper