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8 Simple Things You Can Do For Your Introvert That Will Make Them Happy


Introverted people are usually flourishing with creativity and intelligence. Their personality is surrounded with mysteriousness and unpredictability. They don’t like to talk that much, and are more reserved towards people that they don’t really know well. So, this makes them a tough task when it comes to decoding them and trying to find out their preferences and disfavors.

Written by a fellow introvert, who will try to present to you the secret formula on how to make us more cheerful. Just read these 8 simple guides and notice the instant results shown on the bright face of your loving, introverted friend.(1)

  1. Living a simple life

An introvert can only feel comfort in a modest environment. Over exaggeration is not part of their humble nature. So, if you want to plan some activities with your introverted friend, keep in mind that you have to play it simple. Otherwise, they won’t be able to enjoy the overall experience.

  1. Individuality

Maybe, this is the core characteristic of an introvert. Refusing to assimilate in the crowd and preferably trying to stand out. The high IQ that these people possess, makes them prone to developing a more unique lifestyle. They do their best when they are free to explore new ideas and release their inner creativity. If you want to make the time you spend together, more enjoyable for your introverted friend, just try to engage in some more individualistic activities. Jogging and kayaking together are the perfect examples for this.

  1. Peaceful environment

After a long working day, combined with a loud environment, all an introvert needs is a quiet space. Introverts are highly sensitive to the release of dopamine in their bodies, this is the reason why they need to spend some time on their own. It allows them to regain control, after a long day of unexpected situations. If you are able to understand this, and let them be on their own for a period of time, they will be grateful.

  1. Seeking for a higher purpose

Spending time alone, leads to overthinking everything. Overthinking everything leads to a more developed consciousness, and a constant desire for a higher meaning and purpose. Introverts are more than aware that in order to pay for their bills, they need to go to work just like everybody else. But they can’t stand a 9 to 5 job, if they are not intellectually and emotionally satisfied in their workplace. Please don’t judge them if they are constantly switching jobs, or trying to pursue a different career. It’s a big part of their nature.

  1. Meaningful conversations

The thought process of an introvert is a lot more complex and distinctive, compared with the one of an extrovert. This makes introverts more occupied with their constant thinking, or more importantly overthinking about important topics. So, if you come up to an introvert, asking just simple, everyday questions like: “What’s up?” or “How it’s going?”, you’ll probably get some generic answer. Try to ask some more meaningful questions that will surely start an interesting discussion.

  1. People that understand

Introverts love people that are open-minded and who are not going to judge them, based on their habits. Introverts are more than aware, that they can be a bit difficult and challenging to deal with. If you, as a friend, can understand and fully comprehend the idea that your introverted friend needs space, they will consider you a BFF. There is nothing more trivial to an introvert, than the idea of having to explain why going out this weekend is not the best idea. 

  1. Quiet companionship

It’s not that they are asocial or don’t like to talk, but they consider silence to be a precious gift. If you know how to respect this desire and do not intrude to fill in the gaps, then they will cherish you even more. There is nothing more sacred to an introvert, than the idea of sitting in a quiet room reading, while another human being is doing pretty much the same. It truly resembles the power of silence.

  1. People that can accept their flaws

Like I’ve mentioned in No 6, introverts are seeking for people that can truly understand their (sometimes), troubled lives. They know how difficult it may be for another person, on the other side of the personality spectrum, to understand and love them. But, if you decide to try, they can become the most loyal friends you will ever hope to find. (2)

David Smith