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8 Signs You’re A Badass With A Pretty Sensitive Soul


You’re a badass who is in control over their thoughts and emotions and who endures every challenge life brings their way. You’re easy-going, independent, and fierce, and you know what you want in life. Yet, alongside this strength, there’s another side to you-you’re pretty sensitive.

This means you can truly delve deep into the nature of things and understand people as they are. You have the ability to feel their energy and understand how they feel.

Having a strong personality and being sensitive at the same time is definitely a weird mix to have. But, it’s also a combination and a strength that not many people possess, and a trait that everyone desires to have.

So, what are the characteristics that make you differ from the rest?

Here they are:

1. You get overwhelmed.

Your intense, sensitive nature makes you truly grasp the weight of the world and cope with it every day. However, you know how to handle this burden and understand the underlying truth in things, and no matter how difficult things get or how scared you are, you never give up. You just roll up your sleeves and try to find a way out.

But, as I’ve already mentioned, your firm control of your life allows you to steer through the turbulent waters that life brings, but it all comes at the price of feeling overwhelmed from time to time.

2. You’re not afraid to call people out on their wrongdoings.

You’re not the type of person who would just stand there and watch silently while someone disrespects you or others. You’re well aware that if you don’t set clear boundaries, people will most likely think there’s no limit to what they’re allowed to do.

That’s why when you or someone you know is harassed, insulted, and disrespected in any way, you stand up to it and make it clear that such behavior is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated. However, you don’t start an angry fight right there, you just send the message in a polite, constructive manner.

3. You need alone time to recharge your batteries.

Since you’re a sociable and badass person, people expect that you’ll be by their side all the time. But, as I’ve already said, your strength comes at a price. Being an outgoing person who always gives their abundant energy away to others can wear you out, which is why you often need to spend some time by yourself.

Spending some quality me-time at home or in nature is how you relax and recharge your batteries, and it’s also how you get rid of any negativity you might have accumulated.

4. You’re very selective about who you date.

Many people like to be in a relationship that will help them not to feel lonely and will give them the self-confidence they crave. Not you, though.  You want to be in a relationship that is meaningful and deep. You want your partner to be authentic and honest from the moment you meet him/her.

You’ll never settle for a superficial Tinder date or just get close with somebody unless you know them very well. In addition, your strong intuition enables you to figure out their true intentions and decide if that person is really worth your time and attention.

5. You want people to be honest with you.

You don’t like when people hide their true feelings and thoughts. But, you can always tell if they’re honest or not because you can easily read these things by just looking at their eyes and face.

There’s no truth that could hurt you as much as dishonesty can. That’s why you prefer people to be always straightforward with you and tell you the truth, no matter how unpleasant or painful it may be.

6. You’re a good listener.

You know how important and relieving it is to have someone you can open up to and share your deepest feelings and fears with. That’s why you listen attentively to people’s problems, and most importantly, you listen with the intent to understand rather than just reply to them.

Besides being a good listener, you can always give a sincere piece of advice to those who are willing to accept it and make them feel better or at least less worried.

7. You don’t want to be the center of attention.

Although people usually have a high regard for your powerful personality and your attitude toward life, which puts you at the center of attention, you never purposely put yourself there. In fact, you struggle to understand why some people brag about themselves, or tell exaggerated stories, or do stupid things to be the center of attention.

8. You sometimes disconnect yourself from everything.

You enjoy spending time and sharing your energy with the people who are important to you, and you always try to be there for them. You also don’t mind helping people who are not that close to you, and sometimes this can wear you out. That’s why you often prefer to disconnect yourself from the world and stay a while in your own world.

You retreat into yourself to reflect on your feelings, thoughts, and deep philosophies, and to preserve your energy.

Can you relate to any of these characteristics? Feel free to share that with us in the comment section below.

Riley Cooper