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8 Signs You Are Highly Sensitive To The Energy Around You


If you ever felt exhausted by another person’s thoughts, and you couldn’t explain that to yourself, you might be just another empath in disguise who is waiting to be revealed. Feeling more deeply than others is truly a rare characteristic and a precious gift in today’s world.

However, the ability to sense everything so intensely comes with a price on its own. Your exceptionally receptive nature might drain your energy more easily and prevent you from functioning properly. That’s why one must learn the art of balancing their over-intuitive side.

If by any chance, you’ve felt something so intense and couldn’t find the words to explain it, we’ve already managed to translate that experience into words. Here are 8 states you are likely to experience if you have a highly sensitive soul:

1. Your Senses Are Heightened In General

Being overexposed to the world around us and being able to relive people’s experience as if they were your own means you possess a highly sensitive nature. It means having a kind, empathic soul that helps you to fully understand people and look deep inside under their exterior.

2. You Have The Ability To Read Auras

You are capable of sensing people’s auras long before they approach you. You can tell when a person is carrying a dreary thunder upon them or they glisten with positivity.

Your gift has truly helped you in those situations. Having the power to isolate yourself from greedy energy vampires is something very rare and worthy of nurturing.

3. You Can Instantly Tell When A Person Is Hiding Something

Because of your highly intuitive personality, you can easily tell when a person isn’t being sincere. You are able to get in their minds and see it for yourself.

However, sometimes knowing too much can be quite hurtful to you.  And as much as feeling these deep things can be a gift, it is also a curse to you.

4. You Are Often Called You’re Too Sensitive For This World

You’ree living your life and roaming the world as a rare individual. You’ve never got the needed acceptance from people, because they all perceived you as peculiar. And the more you experienced inside yourself, the more you needed to isolate yourself inside your shell.

However, you should never allow this to touch you in a negative way. You are a unique human being. You were never like the others. And that’s pretty much awesome, if you ask me.

5. You Are Overwhelmed By Extremely Crowded Places

You can’t stand being in a room full of people. You feel overwhelmed instantly. That’s why the only healthy way for you to function is in the company of 2 or 3 closest people in your life.

6. You Know What Other People Feel And Need

Being a highly sensitive individual opens up a whole new different perspective on the things in life. You sense other people’s struggles and you often know what they want long before they even speak.

Especially with the ones that mean the world to you. You’ve developed a bond so strong, that you can literally understand each other throughout a telepathic communication.

7. You Have A Strong Intuition

You have a natural mechanism for handling tough situations. Your “gut feeling” is something that guides you through life. If you’ve also experienced a strong sensation that you know the outcome to a certain situation, don’t be afraid.

You are not alone. Instead of resisting your gift, nurture it and find a way to use it for all the right causes. Let it guide you as you go on with your journey. If you don’t have it yet, fear not; you can learn through www.reverse-thecurse.com to elevate your senses.

8. You Are The Ultimate Prey For Energy Leeches

We determined that being a highly sensitive soul has their advantages, however the downsides have the power  to make us stronger by learning to protect ourselves.

One of the disadvantages of being a sensitive person is the fact that your pure personality is the ultimate target for individuals who feed from high vibrations that people like you possess.

You are the most wanted prey for those energy sucking vampires. If you wonder why you feel drained and exhausted, there might be someone who is cutting your power source down.

If you are new at this, take time to process it and surround yourself with people whose knowledge in these peculiar topics might help you in any way possible.

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