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8 Secrets For Men To Satisfy Their Women In Bed


Sex is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and don’t let anyone else tell you other ways. Guys often have their insecurities when it comes to their performance in bed and just so you know, it’s completely normal to feel this way. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should stay worried forever.

Knowing how to be good in bed often results in better relationships as well. Understandably, not everyone is a master of the art of pleasing a woman naturally, and every expert was once a newbie like you. If you’d like to please your partner more in bed, then you might want to consider these tips.

Explore Their Kinks

Let’s get the most basic tip out of the way first – communication helps relationships in more ways than you can imagine. When it comes to sex, you should ask your partner for their kinks and preferences. If the relationship has been going on for months or years, then this shouldn’t be a big problem.

The more you get to know your partner better, the better you’ll be at pleasuring her in bed. Keep in mind that some women are shy when it comes to things like these. If that’s the case, don’t force her into telling you what her pleasures are. Instead, experiment in bed and figure it out for yourself.

Don’t Forego Foreplay

A lot of guys go into penetration immediately. For women, sex is an intimate and emotional moment that shouldn’t be rushed. As such, they really value the act of foreplay before sex.

Kiss her on the neck, shoulders, and other sensitive parts of her body. Foreplay can also be kinky texts you send before heading home. Get her excited about what’s to happen and make sure that she’s craving for sex as well before you begin.

Use Toys

It’s a big misconception that sex toys are only for solo pleasure sessions. A lot of couples are exploring the wonders of sex toys. In fact, there are even sex toys that couples can use at the same time in bed. As the guy, you should take the initiative in adding sex toys into the mix.

Some of the best sex toys you can use on your lady include high-end vibrators and textured dildos. Catch your partner off-guard by using these toys without telling them first. They’ll certainly be appreciative of your creativity and resourcefulness in bed.

Vibrators come in various sizes, textures, colors, and designs. You can buy several designs to spice up the foreplay, boosting your partner’s mood for intimate activity. 

Plus, don’t hesitate to ask your partner for vibrator play suggestions. You’d be surprised to get insightful suggestions from your partner on effectively using the vibrator to boost your libido. 

Gamifying the foreplay experience using vibrators makes the sexual activity more fun and exciting. For instance, you can play ‘find my vibrator’ or ‘vibrator hide and seek.’ Your partner earns a reward, such as a kiss or a tickle. Moreover, you can give character names to your sex toys to help set the right mood in the bedroom.

Maintain A Good Erection

A good and hard erection can make a lot of difference in bed. Keeping up your tool is easy, maintaining it that way for a long time? That’s a completely different matter. One of the best ways you can improve erections is by taking penis pills.

These pills can help you achieve a harder erection when aroused. Most importantly, however, penis pills can improve erections by helping you maintain a consistent hard-on for long periods of time. In fact, you’ll be able to keep it up again shortly after you finish your round one.

Understandably, not everyone is comfortable taking pills that improve health. However, there are a lot of penis pills that are purely natural. Health supplements, such as Semenax, are safe and effective natural supplements that are used today by a decent number of the male population but feel free to check some Semenax results and see for yourself if you are still unsure about taking anything. Also, you can learn more about jelquing strooming and how can affect your maintenance. If you aren’t comfortable with pills, then consider maintaining an active lifestyle and eating a diet that benefits blood circulation for better erections instead. If you aren’t comfortable with pills, then consider maintaining an active lifestyle and eating a diet that benefits blood circulation for better erections instead.

Master The Art Of Cunningulus

Your tongue is soft and flexible, if you aren’t using it to pleasure your partner down there, you’re definitely not doing your best in bed. Women don’t say it a lot, but cunningulus is heaven for them. In fact, most women actually reach orgasm while being pleasured this way.

When going down on your woman, remember that the main pleasure point is the clitoris. A lot of women swear that the best way to please this is by using your tongue to gently suck on the area. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to caress other parts as well, as cunningulus is more than just about the tongue.

You can multitask while doing cunningulus. For instance, you can caress your partner’s nipples or use a vibrator to tickle her inside. This experience will surely be unforgettable, making your partner always look forward to your intimate time together.

Lubricate, Lubricate, And Lubricate

Another misconception is that if women aren’t wet, that means they aren’t interested in sex. In reality, a woman’s wetness is affected by many things, including stress and other psychological matters. It pays to have a pack or a bottle of lube at the bedside as this will make things easier for your partner.

Most guys don’t like using lube, but for women, sex is more pleasurable the wetter the area is. Don’t dismiss what lube can do unless you’ve seen and tried it out for yourself. 

An alternative to lube is your saliva. You can get your partner’s vagina wet through the cunningulus to attain the right moisture level for smoother and a hassle-free penetration. Remember that patience is the key to arousing your partner, as well as encouraging natural vaginal lubrication.

Don’t Be A One-Trick Pony

Women hate it when the only position a guy knows in bed is missionary and doggy. These aren’t exactly bad positions, but if you do it again and again for months in a row, things will feel boring for both you and your partner very quickly.

Don’t be afraid to explore other sex positions online. There are literally hundreds of positions you can try. Make things more interesting by writing all of these positions on a small piece of paper, and then pick one at random to try while having sex.

You can ask your partner to suggest some sex positions she want to try. Watch sex movies or tutorials, like Kamasutra, to explore the different sex positions you can try.

Make Them Feel Comfortable

Thanks to the media, some women are insecure about their bodies. They’re often told that their vagina looks, smells, and tastes weird when in fact, all these things are natural. You’re not tasked with making them be more confident. However, it’s your job to make them feel better about their bodies instead.

A good way to do this is by telling her what you like about her body. For example, tell her how you love the taste and smell of her privates as you go down on her. This will make her feel more comfortable around you – thus making sex even more pleasurable as well.

Sex can be a hard process to master, but with the right technique and tips, it will be easier to please your woman in bed in no time. Always remember that sex isn’t just about you, it’s also about your partner. In most cases, those that are more generous in bed are also those that are better lovers.

David Smith