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What Is Considered The Best Dr. Who Episode?


We wouldn’t blame you if you ended up loving the Doctor Who series, as anyone else could agree that the show was one of the greatest hits.

Of course, it can’t be helped that some have an episode that’s close to their heart. But among the Doctor Who episode list, which one could really hold the throne in being the best?

Although we do like to keep a few controversies now and then, in this case, you don’t necessarily have only to pick one. In fact, we’ve become too invested that we can’t help to choose five episodes for this article.


Dalek was first introduced to Doctor Who back in Season 1, Episode 6, where the plot follows the race of extraterrestrial mutants who have the ambition to eliminate all microbial life forms.

Though the Doctor loathes these creatures, the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler still can’t hide the fact that they bring fear to their bones. At an unexpected time, Rose received a distress call to meet up with an odd, alien artifacts collector just to find out that the latter has turned out to be from the Dalek race himself.

The End of Times

Suppose you were obsessed with the series and never snubbed any episode. In that case, you may be familiar with the show’s 10th-anniversary special called “The End of Times,” wherein the characters received detailed information regarding the Last Time War.

The production team focused the lens on the Tenth Doctor’s final journey as his psychotic rival named “the Master” was resurrected on exactly Christmas Eve. 

As you could expect, this episode featured an intense battle of wills between the two in an abandoned area within London. Unfortunately, this still didn’t compare with the previous “Day of the Doctor,” yet it could still be viewed to be among the best-released episodes out there.


This episode took the staring-eye contest to the next level as the show introduced the Weeping Angels as the antagonist of the classic episode.

In this one, the characters of Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale have been exploring an abandoned house when they come face-to-face with the Weeping Angels statues. Although they took a body molded from stone, the fun adventure later steered into a dark nightmare once the two realized that the figures were alive.

What’s more, is that they intend to kill the two and claim their lifespan. And the only way to prevent them from doing so is never to let them leave your sight.

Heaven Sent

If you’re looking into a more sentimental episode, then we highly recommend the Doctor Who episode title called “Heaven Sent.”

The story is centered on the Doctor’s grief over the death of Clara Oswald after the Quantum Shade killed the latter from the last episode.

So, what’s the worst that could happen when the Time Lord wants to clear the name of someone from the charges of murder? Well, the episode disclosed that he was entrapped in the middle of the ocean, with only an old and rusty castle by his side.

Moreover, the Doctor had the bad luck of being pestered by a mysterious creature to give up his life’s darkest secrets.

The Girl in the Fireplace 

Have you finished the second season? If so, we’re sure that you could agree that its fourth episode, known as “The Girl in the Fireplace,” is one of the most loved among critics.

It received a Nebula Award nomination along with winning the 2007 Hugo Award for the Best Dramatic Presentation.

If you’re curious about the plot, let’s just say that this focuses on the first trip of the Doctor and Rose with Mickey and took them to Pre-Revolutionary France, which pushed the Doctor to find love and mystery in this time.


We could agree to disagree if these episodes do fit the standard. Still, it’s important to remember that hailing the best show episodes depends entirely on the person’s interest.

So, let’s not keep things personal and celebrate together the success of the Doctor Who series.

David Smith