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8 Reasons Why The Omega Man Is Better Than The Alpha


I am sure that most of you are familiar with the alpha male. However, do you know what characteristics an omega male has?

Unlike the alpha male who wants to be the toughest, strongest, smartest, and the best in everything, the omega guy has the confidence of the alpha guy, but they don’t have a competitive nature and they don’t need to be the center of attention.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that make the omega man very special and even better than the alpha male.

1. He Is Laid Back

Contrary to the alpha male who is charismatic, extroverted, and has to be a winner, the omega guy is laid back. He lets things take its natural course and he doesn’t rush into anything. He is not competitive, and he doesn’t get disappointed if he doesn’t get what he wants.

2. He Is Introverted

While the alpha male is the life of the party, the omega man is more of an introvert. He doesn’t have a need to always be the center of attention. Moreover, being in crowded places makes him feel exhausted and energetically drained. He prefers more to be alone.

3. He Is Kind

The omega guy is not obsessed with himself and doesn’t have a need to show off. Therefore, he pays more attention to other people in his life. He is very kind and polite to everyone and he is always there to help others if they need his help.

4. He Is Gentle

Because they are not extremely testosterone-driven, they are more gentle and loving partners when it comes to relationships. They want to cuddle and shower you with many kisses before you fall asleep in their arms. They will show you what true romance is.

5. He Prefers Deep Connections And Relationships

The introverted omega man spends most of his time alone and doesn’t have many friends. He doesn’t have shallow connections and he hates small talk. On the other hand, he enjoys deep conversations and deep connections.

6. He Is Empathetic

He is compassionate and caring. He puts himself in other people’s shoes and has an ability to experience their feelings as his own. That’s why he will never do anything to purposefully hurt anyone.

7. He Is Not Egotistical

The omega male is not ego-driven, unlike the alpha male who is dependent on how other people view him. He doesn’t care about others and he lives life by doing what makes him happy.

8. He Wants To Work On His Own

This guy prefers to work alone than in a group. He doesn’t want to be the leader like the alpha male; therefore, he wants to work in peace and comfort, unbothered with anything.

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Mary Wright