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8 Problems You And Your Partner Need To Address If You Want To Save Your Relationship


Every relationship faces difficulties at one point or another. From communication problems and arguments to infidelity and growing apart, here are the 8 most common relationship problems and how you can move past them and save the relationship.


Different couples have different communication styles. There are those who are talkative, and there are others who shut down and prefer to deal with things in silence.

If you are having communication problems with your partner and you can’t see eye to eye, first ask yourself whether you are really trying to listen and understand your partner. Next, choose carefully your words. Words are more powerful than you think, and it can bring you closer or separate you. Always choose loving and kind words when you talk with your partner.


When you and your partner start fighting, you should stick to the point and take a timeout to let things unfold naturally instead of raising your voice and saying hurtful things to your partner.  

Don’t ignore the problems and the issues that will undoubtedly arise. Solve them before they build up. Ask yourself what’s the real issue behind the argument. Because usually arguments over little things like forgetting to load the dishwasher often hold deeper issues that were not expressed like sadness and anger.


You can start feeling sad, neglected, and unappreciated when your partner is not giving you enough attention and time because they work long hours or have other priorities that they need to take care of.

Be willing to discuss this with your partner. Tell them what bothers you and discuss what you are going to do about it. Sometimes, an honest talk is all you need because your partner may not be aware of the situation and how you feel.


It is normal for relationships to change over time. However, things can get difficult when only one of you is changing.

In this case, it’s crucial to consider about how you can approach this “new” changed person so that you can save your relationship instead of wishing they’d go back to the person they were. You can become even more connected than ever before, so use this change to your advantage – don’t try to change them.


Yes, an affair can be the worst thing that can happen in your relationship. Of course, relationships can be rebuilt but only if you are willing to be honest and open to respond to the wounds and treat them with compassion and love.

Another thing that it’s important when it comes to affairs is that they rarely happen out of the blue. There is often a big reason underneath it. Take your time to ask yourself what was wrong in your relationship that it led to the betrayal. Did you lose passion? Did you forget doing the little things that make your partner happy?


Many long-term relationships go through the phase of “boredom” or feeling that they are losing the love and the passion for their partner.

It’s is normal that the relationship will change over time. However, the compatibility, the companionship, and the history that you and your partner share are the things that matter the most for one healthy relationship. And yet, you can sometimes take these things for granted.

If these things are not enough for you and you want to have more excitement in your relationship, talk with your partner about it. Try to find a solution instead of complaining about what’s missing from the relationship that keeps you both stuck in a rut.


Money can be a burden to many couples. But, keeping secrets about debts or issues with money from your partner can cause deep problems in your relationship, such as lack of trust.

When it comes to money, there is really no right or wrong attitude. Some people are savers, some are spenders. If your attitudes are similar, then you won’t have big issues around this. But, if they differ, arguments and tension may arise.

In this case, it’s good to have some shared money for the expenses you both share, while at the same time keeping some money to yourself and be financially independent of each other.


External pressures and traumatic life events can have a tremendous impact on your relationship. Some couples deal with them by pulling together, and others deal with problems by pulling apart.

Try not to fight the battle alone. Tell your partner how you feel. They may not understand that the reason why you can’t sleep is because you are worried about your mother’s health and that’s why you are nervous and impulsive during the day.

Try to look at life events as opportunities that you will face together and grow stronger as a couple.

Mary Wright