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8 Brilliant Ways Smart People Handle Toxic People


I am sure that the majority of you will agree with me that we get more than enough stress from our day-to-day endeavors. We face million challenges and responsibilities, both professional and personal, that we sometimes feel that we are close to reaching our limits.

Therefore, it is essential for us to remove all the external stressors from our life that threaten our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Such stressors are toxic people. And they don’t wear a warning that they are harmful to us. Instead, we must rely on our instincts and judgment to deal with them effectively.

And it is true that certain people are better at dealing with them. These people have a very keen sense of emotional intelligence and are strong enough to not let their toxicity get to them.

Here’s how smart people deal with toxic people:

1. They Forgive, But They Don’t Forget

Emotionally strong and intelligent people understand the fact that forgiveness is crucial for their mental and psychological well-being. So, they always forgive others and themselves as well. However, they also know that it is important to not forget those people who let them down and betrayed them. They are smart enough to decide to not waste time on those they cannot trust, but rather they choose to build strong bonds with people who have earned their trust.

2. They Have Clear Boundaries

Strong people have an innate ability to remain effective and productive all the time. So, they know how to quickly detect and mitigate any threat that might come their way. When they detect toxic people, they immediately take action. However, this is not to say that they will be rude. No. They will still remain polite, but uncompromising and unambiguous. They won’t ever let toxic people affect them in any way.

3. They Focus Only On Important Things

And toxic people are a distraction to them. Smart people don’t let themselves be distracted by toxic people. They will move on and focus on the thing that is important to them no matter what.

4. They Will Quickly Check The Negative Self-Talk

Even high emotionally intelligent people are prone to engage in negative self-talk sometimes. And toxic people can influence such negative thinking in other people. But smart people can easily recognize them and thus neutralize or block their toxic influence.

5. They Are Extremely Self-Aware

Self-awareness is defined as an understanding of one’s preferences and abilities and their impact on one’s behavior and on others. Self-awareness is a very powerful tool in preventing the toxic people from approaching. Strong people are very self-aware and their self-awareness serves them to understand and acknowledge any possible external or internal threat to them.

6. They Are Unaffected By Circumstance

The truth is, it is not always easy to stay emotionally neutral when you are surrounded by toxic people. But it is absolutely necessary. Emotionally intelligent people are resilient. They can get back on their feet anytime life kicks them down. And they come back stronger than ever and more able to deal with anything, including toxic people.

7. They Are Energy-Smart

While toxic people are great in draining other people’s energy, smart people are excellent at maintaining its energy intact. They know how to keep their energy supplies and manage them in the most efficient way which will lead them only to positive actions.

8. They Look For Their Support System

Smart people are very driven people. They are individuals who seek a better life. They understand perfectly well the importance of teamwork and mentorship. They realize that they cannot achieve their purpose on their own. So, when they are face-to-face with a toxic person, they will immediately know that they are not team players and they won’t help them, so they will distance themselves. 

Mary Wright


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