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8 Behaviors No Self-Respecting Person Will Ever Tolerate


Many people have felt the need to change their lives drastically during difficult periods and hardships. They decided to transform themselves and that called for honesty and bravery on their part. They needed to walk away from anything that didn’t serve their highest good and chose to respect themselves more.

Here are 8 behaviors self-respecting people never tolerate:

1. Remaining Stagnant

They know that while it is nice staying in the comfort zone, nothing worthy ever happens there. Yes, this world may be a scary place to be in for some, but if you are not willing to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone to achieve your dreams, you will remain stagnant and unfulfilled. Self-respecting people know this and that’s why they are always on the move and willing to try new things and take new risks.

2. People-Pleasing

Self-respecting people don’t follow the advice of other people, they follow their heart and their intuition instead. Because they know that if they don’t do what they think is right, they will always regret their decision. And if they make a mistake, they will learn something new.

3. Neglecting Your Health

They know that in order to be happy and transform their lives in the best way possible, it is essential for them to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Therefore, they take good care of themselves and their health.

4. Trying To Fit In

Self-respecting people don’t follow the crowd. They follow their instincts and heart. They always take the road less traveled because they don’t conform to the beliefs of others. They already love themselves as they are, believe in their abilities, and feel comfortable in their skin, so they don’t need to be defined by others.

Self-Respecting People Never Tolerate

5. Laziness

In the age of smartphones, many people lost their motivation to go out in the real world and experience a life that is not virtual. Self-respecting people are very aware of this, and they don’t get lazy. Rather, they go out and accomplish their goals while others are scrolling through their news feed.

6. Codependent and Controlling Relationships

No self-respecting person will ever find themselves stuck in a codependent and toxic relationship. They respect and love themselves enough to let someone manipulate them into staying in an abusive connection. They don’t allow anyone to control them. Period.

7. Working At A Job You Hate

Self-respecting people love their job. They cannot imagine working at a soul-sucking job. Of course, we all need to pay our bills, but self-respecting people won’t get stuck at a job they hate. They will try with all their power to find a job they love because they cannot be at a place that is emotionally, physically, or mentally draining.

8. Being Pessimistic About Life

Self-respecting people are very optimistic about life. They love life. They know that whining and pessimism don’t help, so they always choose happiness. Even when they are going through hard times, they believe in a better tomorrow. They never lose hope and that’s why life rewards them.

Mary Wright