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7 Ways A Woman Broken By A Narcissist Loves Differently


There was a time when she thought she was in the most beautiful and romantic love story of her life. She thought she had met the love of her life. He was everything she has ever wanted: charming, loving, compassionate, attentive… a real gentleman. Little did she know that ‘the love of her life’ would turn out to be a narcissist.

It was a slap on her face. Her hero turned out to be the “devil” in disguise. However, even though she has seen his true colors, she couldn’t let go of him. He was addictive. He was convincing and seductive. His lies felt so real to her.

But, she just couldn’t continue living in the nightmare. She’s reached her limit. She left him, but she was broken. The experience with the narcissist has completely changed her in her core.

Once she believed in love, but now the word ‘love’ makes her sick to the stomach. She can’t help but think that everyone is going to smash her heart as he did. That’s why she is guarded. And that’s why there are 7 ways in which this woman now loves differently.

1. She Is Distant

She keeps her distance because she has deep scars inside her that are still bleeding. She doesn’t want to be hurt again, so she keeps her distance every time she meets someone new. That way, she is protecting her heart.

2. She Has Trust Issues

She didn’t have a voice on her own in her last relationship. She was with someone who was controlling and manipulative and who made her afraid of losing him. He was feeding her lies, so now, she has serious trust issues.

3. She Needs To Feel Safe

She was so hurt that she needs someone who will promise her that everything is going to be okay. She needs to feel safe. She needs to have someone who will be her safe place. Someone who will love her and make all her fears go away.

4. She Doesn’t Know What Real Love Is

She’s got a glimpse of what it’s like to be “in love” and it broke her heart. The toxic relationship with the narcissist has given her a false perception of what real love is. That’s why when she meets a good man she gets confused and doesn’t know how to act around him. She doubts him because he is different from what she’s been used to with the narcissist.

5. She Is Waiting For A Disaster

She is insecure when it comes to her relationships, so she is waiting for something to happen and destroy everything. She is waiting for the man in front of her to show his true colors. He might be the most wonderful guy, but she’ll be waiting for the lies to come. She can’t believe that there are only calm seas and clear skies in front of her.

6. She Doesn’t Believe In Love Anymore

She was poisoned for so long that now she gets scared and anxious when good things are happening to her. The narcissist has broken her heart and shattered her beliefs in love.

7. She Wants To Destroy Everything That Is Good

She subconsciously sabotages her chance of happiness. She is looking for red flags and tries to find a reason to walk away because she doesn’t believe that love can feel so good. She is scared that the new person would turn out to be like the narcissist in the end.

She needs someone who will be patient with her. Someone who will prove to her that not all people are the same. She needs to feel safe and comfortable that this time, it will last forever.

Mary Wright