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7 Types Of Toxic People That Will Rob You Of Your Peace And Happiness


How destructive can spending time with toxic people be, what do you think?

Well, some scientists say that insults and criticism are 5 times more powerful than compliments and positive encouragements. So, for every insult or criticism, you need to have 5 positive interactions if you want to keep your relationships flourish.

That being said, having a toxic person in your life can really disturb your peace and happiness. The solution? Just avoid these 7 types of toxic people like the plague.


You should stay away from people who tear others down on purpose because they will tear you down as well. Also, you should stay away from people who talk about other people behind their back, people who want to know every single detail about you just to gossip about it later.


Or conversational narcissists. These people only talk about themselves and they are not interested in taking interested in hearing what the other one has to say. If you have a friend who always looks for advice but they never ask about your life, best is to stay away from such people.


Or shiny people. These people are always polished on the outside, but their interior is raw as sandpaper. Honesty is their mortal enemy. These people hide their true personality from the outside world. They only show their curated, filtered, and guarded version of themselves. Don’t waste your time on fake people like these.


If someone tries to minimize your achievements and strengths only to make themselves feel better, you need to steer clear of them. You don’t need people in your life who don’t appreciate your hard work or are happy about your success.


When someone is refusing to take responsibility for their horrible actions and choices their drama will infect your life and emotionally drain you. They have no intention of helping themselves and growing, nor do they allow others to help them.


These people like to make you miserable by mercilessly criticizing you and talking shit about everyone in order to lure you into their world of negativity. Some may even try to control you and blame you for everything.  This may leave you emotionally drained and confused. Don’t let them manipulate you like that. Don’t play their game.


Yes, it is possible to be overly dramatic about minor issues, but if someone constantly tells you that you are overreacting and that you are being oversensitive you’ll feel even worse. Telling someone to calm down almost never helps, but it can annoy the other person. Stay away from people who belittle your problems.

Mary Wright