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7 Telltale Signs That You Have A Toxic Narcissist In Your Life


It would be hard to find someone who’s worse for your wellbeing than a narcissist. Having one in your life is a daily struggle. They’re egotistical maniacs who only really care about themselves. Time and time again they’ll hurt you without ever thinking twice about it.

You might not even be aware that you have someone like this in your life. Understanding their awful behavior is key to breaking free from them. To help you, here are 7 telltale signs that you have a toxic narcissist in your life.

1. They Demand Your Full Attention

Narcissists need the admiration of everyone around them. They constantly need you to pay attention to them and tell them how amazing they are. Although they feel superior to everyone, their egos are quite fragile. If you don’t praise them enough, they’ll quickly become aggressive.

2. They’re Charming

The only reason that people end up being close with narcissists in the first place is because they’re extremely charismatic. From the beginning, they’ll charm you and make you think that they must be nice at heart. You’ll excuse all their bad behavior because of the times that they put on a show, act nice, and charm you.

3. They Think that Rules Are Beneath Them

Sure, there are rules that everyone needs to follow – except for them. They think that they’re above taking orders from anyone. Despite that, they’re more than happy to make rules for everyone else that they will never follow themselves.

4. They Lie Straight To Your Face

Narcissists are pathological liars. They’ll say anything as long as it makes them look better. It’s not always barefaced lies though. You’ll find that they often bend the truth and twist people’s words. They can even make you question your own memories of events with their master lying skills.

5. They Get Jealous of Others

What they have is never enough. It seems that for them, the grass really is greener on the other side. They want what everyone else has and won’t be happy until they take it from them. When someone else achieves something amazing, they feel the need to belittle them.

6. They Think That Nothing is Their Fault

Everyone else is always in the wrong, never them. Whenever they do or say something terrible, they’ll always blame someone else for their actions. Their ego is too fragile to ever accept that they might do something wrong.

7. They Use and Discard People

People are just objects to them. Rather than friends or companions, they’re just a way for them to get what they want. They’ll manipulate everyone around them and use them. When they no longer have a use for them, they’ll through them away and forget about them.

Spotting these red flags can be tricky, especially since narcissists do their best to come off as wonderful people. Keep an eye out, and if someone close to you does these things, run. There’s no reason that you should ever keep a toxic person in your life.

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Eva Jackson