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6 Serious Signs Of A Narcissist That Are Usually Overlooked


We hear a lot about narcissists these days and we know all the obvious signs to look out for. They’re self-obsessed, destructive people who will stop at nothing to get what they want, even if that means hurting someone in the process. The difficulty is that there are many hidden signs of this type of personality that many of us don’t see.

If you don’t manage to spot these signs early, this devious person will drag you into their web before you even know what hit you. To help you spot them and protect yourself, here are 6 serious signs of a narcissist that are usually overlooked.

1. They Can’t Listen to Others

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that felt like you might as well be talking to a wall? You may have overlooked it as them being distracted, but they could possibly be a narcissist. These people are only happy when they’re talking and can’t be bothered to hear what anyone else has to say.

2. They Can’t Communicate Properly

As well as not being able to listen, they can’t communicate properly either. They only want to talk about themselves and nothing else. If the conversation strays away from their desired topic, they’ll always find a way to bring it back to them.

3. They Feel Entitled

Narcissists think that they are the rulers of Earth. They truly believe that they are superior to everyone else and that the world owes them something. This can show itself in ways such as never being happy with what they receive or being rude to waiters or shop assistants who won’t give them special treatment.

4. They Think They’re Smarter Than Everyone

When you’re talking to a narcissist, they’ll always try to show you how much more they know than you, even if what they’re saying is garbage. They believe that they are more intelligent than anyone else and they want you to believe it too. You’ll always hear them bragging about how much they know or how clever they are.

5. They Have No Empathy

Most people will try to understand what you’re going through when you’re feeling down and do their best to comfort you. However, narcissists aren’t like regular people. When something’s bothering you they may seem disinterested or tell you to get over it. You may have thought it was their way of showing tough love, but it’s really just because they don’t care.

6. They Can Never Have Enough

One of the main characteristics of a narcissist is that they never feel satisfied. They always need to go after more and more, just trying to feel happy. If someone you know is constantly searching for happiness in negative ways, it’s likely that they are a narcissist.

As hard as it may be to accept, if you have someone in your life with a narcissistic personality, they are not someone that you should keep around. These kinds of people simply aren’t capable of thinking about others. All that matters to them is themselves and being a part of that toxic energy will destroy you. If they do these 6 things, it may be time to walk away.

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Eva Jackson