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6 Reasons Why Being Single Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself


Ever felt like the last relationship you were into, drained you so much emotionally, that you made a deal with yourself of not engaging in such a commitment ever again?

Don’t worry. We’ve all been down that road. The thing is, after being single for a while you start to cherish all the things that make you who you are: a truly unique individual. And here are some positive reminders of why you should stay single and be happy about it. (1)

1. You are not fantasizing about the perfect relationship

It’s just like the old saying “the grass is always greener on the other side.” But is it? When we are single we imagine that being in a relationship will make us instantly happy. All of our troubles and hardships will be gone in a blink of an eye.

It’s good to have such daydreams but truth is, perfect relationships do not exist. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a healthy connection with a significant other. And if things start to go down the road, stress will become your daily routine. (2)

2. Your self-esteem will be unaffected

Every woman likes to receive a compliment, right? But, what we don’t ignore are the excessive macho types and that’s our biggest weakness. Falling for the sweet talkers. It may sound like a good idea when it comes to innocent flirting but trying to maintain a relationship with this type of a person will ruin you.

The ego boost that you will get is temporary and after that, you’ll come up with the simple conclusion that you were just a prey. After successfully impressing you, they’ll try to catch the next victim. Be kind to yourself and don’t waste your time on them.

3. You’ll focus on your career

Sometimes, the relationships we are into can have a big impact on our career focus. When you are in a relationship, most of the time you’ll have to think about the other person’s feelings and how your choices affect both of you. And it’s time-consuming.

Instead of focusing on your goals, now you have to make lengthy explanations about why you decided to work abroad, switch your career or decided to take some time off. It really depends on the type of a person you were dating, but I’ve noticed a small trait in some people and that is the desire to control you.

Our lives are not in a perfect order and that’s fine. But if you decided to make a drastic change in your life and you have a deep desire to do that, then NO one should be able to stop you. (3)

4. Marriage can wait

Forget those family reunions where your grandma is having the talk of the evening about the family importance, her deep desire of meeting her great-grandchildren and the inevitable question: “So, are you dating someone?” Having a family is great and everything, but when you are in your twenties, financial stability is more important.

I’m not throwing a shade about well-thought marriage but the rushed one can cause you a lot of problems. Many of my friends who married in their early twenties (for god knows what reason), now have more struggles than they ever imagined. Just be patient and follow your instincts.

5. You are no longer relentlessly crushing over someone

The cliché about having that cute coworker never goes old, does it? But should you act on it? Well, I don’t think so. The thing is when we like some person we imagine the best things about them. And yes, we are playing ourselves.

No one is perfect and sabotaging your co-worker relationship can cost you a lot. The same implies to social media and the time we waste on it. Having that sort of interaction is fun and enjoyable but putting that much energy on your perfect crush is not healthy at all. The right person will come and until they do, occupy your thoughts with something productive. (4)

6 Be patient  

Remember the lyrics from the famous Guns n’ Roses song: “All we need is just a little patience”?It carries out a deep meaning. For some things in life, there is no need to rush. And that’s a rule we can easily apply to a relationship.

Enjoy your life, dream big, try to make your everyday life as happy as possible and the right kind of guy or a girl will appear out of nowhere.

David Smith