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6 Important Roles That Aunts Have In A Child’s Life


Almost 9 years ago, I was blessed with my first niece. It was one of the most glorious and joyous moments in my whole life that paved the way for even more happiness in the future. Now I’m lucky enough to have 2 amazing nieces and a wonderful nephew who I wouldn’t give up for the world.

Just as they’ve brought me joy, I’m pretty sure that I’ve given them a lot of things too. Here are 6 important roles that aunts have in a child’s life.

1. We’re Great Listeners

When our nieces and nephews have something to say to us, we’re all ears. Whether they’re toddlers who are just babbling or teenagers who are having difficulties with their friends, we’re more than happy to listen. Nothing in the whole world brings us more happiness than knowing that they trust us with what they have to say.

2. We Give The Best Gifts

Although their parents might not always pick out the right gifts, we do. It’s as if we have some psychic ability that allows us to know exactly what the kids want. Along with that, we don’t just bring gifts for birthdays and Christmas either. We love to surprise them with presents when they least expect it just to see the smile on their face when we do.

3. We Pass on Values

Of course, this is something that parents do too, but it never hurts to have another person to help. One of the most crucial things that we do for our sibling’s children is to help them learn values. We teach them the difference between right and wrong and give them strong morals. Most importantly, we lead them by example and show them how to behave.

4. We’re Perfect Babysitters

Who needs to go searching for some teenager to mind your kids when you already have us? Not only are we already familiar with these children and their routines, but we also love spending time with them. Along with that, we’ll even watch them for free.

5. We’re Amazing Teachers

Not to toot my own horn, but I think that I’ve taught my nieces and nephew a lot over the years. Aunts are the people who make learning fun when kids decide that their parents are boring and don’t know anything. We teach them about simple facts of life, about things that interest them, and will even help them with their homework too.

6. They’ll Always Be There for Them

Childhood can be a weird time for kids. They make friends and then they lose them. They have teachers that they love who are later replaced by ones that they hate. Because of all that change, it’s important that they have something constant. We, as aunts, are that constant. No matter what happens, we will always be there for them because we love them more than anything.

Don’t ever forget just how important aunts are to a child. We do so much for our sibling’s children and love them with all our hearts. In return, they enrich our lives, give us so many happy memories, and provide us with the chance to act like kids again. Nothing and no one means more to us than our nieces and nephews.

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Eva Jackson