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6  Essential Life Truths You Need To Remember About Relationships


The most important thing you need to know about me is that I’m the eternal believer in love. True, head-over-heels, crazy, irrational kind of love. And I believe that everybody out there has a person destined for them.

However, I couldn’t help but notice that nowadays, people are throwing around the word love too much without actually feeling what love is.

Saying “I love you” has quickly become the new “Hello” and “Goodbye”. Society’s been losing its most important moral values and “love” has become just another simple word in everybody’s dictionary.

So, I think it’s essential for us, last survivors and firm-believers of love to try harder and bring back the real meaning of love. These are the essential life-truths you need remember about relationships and love:

1. Love will always be about mutual trust. If you can’t rely on your partner and trust them wholeheartedly, then we’re not talking about that powerful, genuine love. If you have the slightest doubt in your partner’s integrity, you should definitely ask yourself where are you going. Trust is one of the essential ingredients for a healthy relationship.

2. There aren’t enough words to describe the necessity of mutual respect in a relationship. Why would you even be with a person who can’t respect you? No matter how much you love them, choosing that dangerous, one-way street and convincing yourself that “It’s just the way they are” is not enough. Respect is the most essential and humane trait a person can possess.

3. Friendship. Because it’s true when people say that the happiest, long-term relationships are based on a friendship. You form a special kind of connection with this person and get to know their deepest secrets, their most intriguing flaws, their true emotions. You trust each other enough to start sharing every aspect of your life. And, you fall in love… and it’s one of the most magnificent feelings you’ve experienced in your life.

4. Love is about constant communication. It’s about being able to share every thought that goes through your mind, about going through the worst storms, but staying together, because you know that everything can be achieved through a good, old-fashioned compromise and a sincere conversation.

5. If you feel like you’re losing your independence, it’s not a relationship worth having.  I get it, a relationship is a sacred, loving union in which two people create a bond that makes their hearts beat like one. That’s all very alluring and magical, however, when a relationship reaches a point where you feel like you’re imprisoned, it’s no longer true love.

6. Loyalty. Being in a loving relationship with someone is being able to commit and just be there, no matter how scary the storms might be. It’s not about running up the hills whenever a little inconvenience strikes your bond, but rather staying together and fighting for the love between you. Because we can’t expect life to unfold the way we want to. It will always be an unpredictable rollercoaster ride.

So, will you chicken out in the first second, or you’ll embrace the possibility of all the risks out there and keep moving?

Stephanie Reeds


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