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5 Types Of Inauthentic People Empaths Are Completely Allergic To


Being able to sense other people’s inner states and emotions, empaths can often feel under attack from some people’s presence. It’s simply because some people are so poisoned inside that the empath can easily feel out of place when near them.

Inauthentic people are full of these confused and lowered emotional states that can make an empath want to start running. Perhaps the worst thing about these people is that they have learned to live with their demons and become nothing more than the lowered self-esteem they project to such extent that they are actually happy with the way they function.

Here are 5 types of inauthentic people that empaths are completely allergic to.

1. Vain people with enormous egos

These people are toxic to be around for anyone, but they are especially too much for an empath. Their constant thought that they’re better than everyone else and their lack of care and empathy for others are so repelling for the empath that they want to run away from them as far as possible.

2. People that are far too fake

In the effort to belong somewhere, these people begin to run away from themselves. This way, not only do they don’t belong to themselves, but they begin to not belong anywhere. Their fake attitude and low punches are something the empath can sense from a mile, and it’s something that simply reeks for the empath.

3. People who are too aggressive

The inability to cope with and control one’s emotions can usually lead to aggression. But that’s not something an empath can help with. They simply feel threatened and suppressed when being around such people, and all they want to do is get away from these people.

4. People who resort to manipulation all the time

Having so little trust in people that you may think that manipulation is the only answer is utterly damaging. These people have a lowered self-esteem and a complete lack of empathy, and these disturbed emotions are what make empaths feel (at first) drawn to these people, but eventually turn to something which repels them and makes them feel like they don’t belong around such people.

5. People who have a far too materialistic perception of reality

People will tell you that we live in a material world, but this is not completely true. People who look at things through a purely materialistic perspective usually end up feeling less emotion and don’t pay attention to their emotional body. This kind of neglect is something which puzzles and confuses the empath – it makes them feel odd and out of place.

Mary Wright


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