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5 Telltale Signs You Are Arguing With A Sociopath


Sociopaths are everywhere around us. Despite popular belief, they are not over-the-top womanizers or serial killers. They seem like normal people, but their manipulative nature is something that is not human at all. They can destroy the lives of everyone that meets them.

This is how you can recognize a sociopath during an argument.

1. They Lie And Make Excuses

Everyone tells a white lie now and then, but sociopaths are lying constantly. They always make excuses because they almost never keep their promises. Their actions don’t match their sweet words.

2. They Are Hypocritical

During a heated argument, sociopaths don’t have shame to put the blame on you for their horrible behavior. They project to you all the terrible things that they themselves are because they don’t want to face their sad reality.

3. They Always Play The Victim Card

No matter what, somehow every conversation between you turns into them telling you about their difficult childhood, their evil boss, or their crazy ex who still stalks them. They are the eternal victims because they always seek attention from others.

4. They Have Multiple Personalities

When you argue with a sociopath, you will probably notice that they have many personalities. It’s something like good cop, bad cop, baby cop, scary cop, hurt cop, stalker cop. They have all these personalities to be in control of the situation and they use them depending on what they want to achieve.

5. They Are Patronizing And Condescending

Whenever they feel threatened by you, they will speak to you with a tone that is both condescending and patronizing. They will keep their cool, but they’ll show their hostility through their words and their tone of voice.

Do you have a person like this in your life?

Mary Wright