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5 Simple And Effective Steps To Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams Right Now

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about one of the most important subjects. Life itself and our mission here. And as much I’d like to tell you that most people I know, (including me until recently) are genuinely happy by doing what they love the most and living the life of their dreams, the reality is much different.

Here’s the truth. We don’t live the lives that we want.

Okay, I know that I cannot speak on behalf of every person on earth, but you get the point. The general picture shows more about our reality than we think we know. We live in a so chaotic and fast-paced world today that it has become very hard for us to enjoy our lives.

We hold onto the routines that we know best because leaving our comfort zones would mean risking our lives. We stick to giving the minimum effort because we are exhausted. We no longer believe in our dreams because people discourage us. We don’t fight for what we love. Instead, we settle for comfortable lives. And day by day, we forget that it is never too late to create the life of our dreams. We forget how brave we are.

Well, this is your reminder.

Life can be extraordinary and beautiful, but only if you make it.

Here are 5 simple rules that will help you create the life of your dreams, starting right now:

1. Appreciate anything and everything. Slow down and take a look around. What do you see? Are cars, roads, frustrated people, chaos and buildings the only things that you notice? Or you also notice how gently those morning sunrays fall onto that beautiful tree?

If you live life focusing on the beauty and appreciating the small things, you are already on your path to creating the life of your dreams. Lead with gratitude. Being alive is the greatest gift you could ever ask for. Never ever take that for granted.

2. Define your goals. Ask yourself. What do you want to learn in this life? What do you want to be surrounded with? How do you want to feel? What makes you happy? The answers to these questions are everything you need to know.

3. Fall in love with your body all over again. Your body is a temple indeed. It was made for you to live in it and enjoy it. Do not neglect it. Feed it, nourish it, take care of it, love it more than anything else. Rest it when it’s exhausting, heal it when it’s wounded, love it when it is flawed and thank it for serving its purpose. Self-love is the best thing you can do for yourself.

4. Allow yourself to get lost in creativity and curiosity. Feed your soul. Satisfy your senses. Follow the fun. Let your mind wander free. Free your imagination and see what happens. The outcome is not so important as the whole process. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It can be messy, silly and ridiculous, and still make you happy.

5. Create things that will add value to the world. Wherever you go, whatever you do, make sure to always leave a trace behind you. Share your knowledge. Teach something. Create things that could be valuable to everyone. Do deeds that will help the community. Make a difference in the world. Be the change that you wish to see. It doesn’t matter how big or small your actions are as long as there is a real meaning behind them.

Stephanie Reeds