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5 Signs That Indicate You Are Dealing With A Psychopath And What To Do


Psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists… when they enter your life, it means one thing – CHAOS. They will mess up with your emotions, thoughts, and life without a sense of guilt or remorse.

These manipulative predators have a set of patterns that they use to manipulate others and twist their reality. Here are 5 telltale signs you are dealing with a psychopath.


They lie. They lie often. Small lies are a part of their life. Sometimes they are doing it on purpose, sometimes they are lying out of habit. Also, they always put the blame on you for being overly sensitive or too negative for doubting their words. And finally, they will accuse you of being the liar in the end.


They do or say things and then refuse to admit that they have done or said that. They will recreate the reality to suffice them, and then blame you for ever doubting them. This malicious mind-game will soon erode your self-confidence and your perception of reality.


They love to see people fight between one another, especially if they are fighting over them. It feeds their ego. They make you think in extremes and see everything as ‘black’ or ‘white.’ This means that the psychopath will try to turn you against people that are close to you and make you see them as “enemies.” It is a form of manipulation where the victims are kept distracted and divided.


They will say or do things on purpose to get a reaction from you, and then they will blame you for ‘overreacting.’ They will call you crazy or hysterical. They do this to shift the focus from their horrible behavior towards you. In that way, they can continue behaving inappropriately and you will be afraid to react.


They will mince words, pull you into a pointless argument, to make you defensive. Every argument for them turns into an argument about the argument. There’s no way that you can get your point across with them because their goal is not to solve the argument, but to suck the life out of you.

Mary Wright