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5 Ideas to Decorate a Wedding Party

Decorate a Wedding Party

Making something with your hands to decorate your wedding is a fashion trend and a real opportunity to save money. In this tip article, you’ll find the most inexpensive handmade décor options that will still give a unique flavor and uniqueness to your celebration.

Paper Luminaries and Colorful Balloons

Paper light fixtures look like stylish decorations in the color palette of a wedding during the day and create romantic, soft lighting in the evening. They are great for a restaurant or marquee and for decorating an outdoor wedding venue. You can add colored balloons to such lights in the holiday’s color scheme. Balloons can simply be scattered on the floor and become a room decoration. In addition, you can make garlands or chains from them and attach them to the festive table or elsewhere. Also, latex balloons are often used to decorate the wedding procession ― both small and large, with inscriptions and drawings. In addition, they can be used to make a wedding arch or heart, which will be placed on the wall and play the role of an excellent background for photo shoots of the newlyweds and guests of the event.(1)

Slate Board

A huge plus of a slate board is that you can write and draw anything on it. This can be a variety of things: signs, menus, and seating plans for guests. You can write the celebration date, your favorite quotes about love on the board, or draw something beautiful. Moreover, this attribute will be a stylish interior decoration! You do not have to use a real board, and you can achieve this effect with self-adhesive film or special textured paper. So you can even make invitations, programs, place cards for guests, and a book of wishes in a similar style.


What could be easier? The most common candle tablets can help create a magical restaurant atmosphere. The more candles, the better. Place them in glass candle holders, vases, or glasses so that the candles don’t extinguish with the slightest whiff. Everything seems a little unreal and fabulous in the warm glow of candles.

Vase Fillings

Turn the most common glass vase into a stylish interior piece with a variety of fillers. Put them in a vase, and the flower composition will play with new colors. As a filler, you can use anything: glass and other stones, sand, colorful crystals, petals, shiny tinsel, beads, buttons, shells, fruits and berries, coffee beans, candy, and marshmallows. Modern wedding décor also uses gel filler, an advantage of which is a large number of possible shades.

Flower Petals

Rose petals can be purchased at any flower store for almost nothing. And as a decoration, they look like a win-win option. You can cover the snow-white path to the ceremony place with petals, and the guests will shower the newlyweds with them after the wedding. Scattered petals on holiday tables also look beautiful and romantic. You can replace real petals with fabric ones ― they don’t get dirty or fade. Sets of these petals are sold in stores with wedding decorations and products for needlework.

In essence, you can say that a wedding without decor is doomed to be like millions of other weddings. Still, it is only necessary to approach this issue with love and responsibility. You will immediately have a whole spectrum of ideas and fantasies that will lead you to an unforgettable celebration, the holiday of your dream. (2)

Felicia Wilson


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