Couples in love is, surely, something that inspires quite a few people to creativity, art and heroic deeds. Bouquets of beautiful flowers, balloons, soft toys and sweets are indispensable attributes of the celebration of any holiday or just once again reminders for lovers. It is important for the trip for couples in love to be truly fascinating, romantic, and unforgettable, and to properly find romantic destinations for couples in different parts of the world. Read below, and learn about the most dreamy destinations for an incredible vacation for couples in love. So, let’s go!


Athens can rightly be called the most enchanting place, because here the ancient history, culture, and architecture are intertwined with the dynamic contemporaneity, which generates new and interesting attractions. Why, exactly, Greece should be included in the list of destinations for couples seeking to test their feelings? Well, probably because there are many interesting places to visit, in particular the ancient ruins like the Acropolis of Athens, the Erechtheion, the temple of Zeus of Olympus, Hephaestus, Parthenon, as well as the stadium Panathinaikos, where else, if not here you can plunge into the atmosphere of mythical adventures, heroic deeds of Hercules?  However, the city is not the only ruin, because there are many interesting extreme forms of entertainment, like flying in a balloon, paraglider, but you should rely on reliable travel agencies when choosing a tour. The highlight of the city is a number of breathtaking religious monuments like Tzistarakis Mosque, St Paul’s Anglican (Episcopal) Church, Little Metropolis and Chapel of St. George, which can be found in every tourist guide.



It is not for nothing that Venice is called the city of lovers and the second Paris, because what could be more romantic than sailing in a gondola through the narrow river streets among the real lost temples and palaces? Maybe you don’t need a car just for Venice, but if you want to travel around Italy, and in particular take a trip after sightseeing in Rome, it’s worth finding an appropriate offer for rental cars Carngo.com, because this way you can greatly facilitate your travel through the country and at the same time cheap travel to the “eternal city”. This magical city is undoubtedly the best travel destination for couples, because here the famed Grand Canal, where the annual carnival takes place, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world, and what’s worth a tour to St. Mark’s Cathedral, which by its beauty is included in the list of wonders of the world. The jewels of the city are the Doge’s Palace and the Art Gallery dell’Academia, where hundreds of paintings by internationally renowned artists are collected.(1)


Provence is one of the most romantic places in the world, because where else can you see spectacular views of the snow-capped alpine mountains? As soon as you arrive you should take an extreme tour of the mountains, in particular the Telepherique du Mont Faron, where you can go up and down from the peak’s car rental or book a helicopter flight in the Queyras National park. Provence has many national nature parks and waterfalls, in particular Vallon des Carmes or Cascade de la Lance. For this reason and more, Provence can be called one of the most exciting vacation destinations for couples who love nature and caring for animals. You can feed beautiful horses at the Domaine de la Palissade, and the St. Tropez Harbor offers the opportunity to book a boat for a romantic cruise. The Palais des Papes is a must-see, as it’s the main symbol of the city.


The city of Seville is a quiet and cozy town in the heart of gothic Spain, which attracts tourists from all over the world. The local cathedral is considered the jewel of this region, striking in its perfection of form and awe-inspiring. Couples in love can visit the Marie-Louise park, where there is an opportunity to take a trip on a vintage horse-drawn carriage. Every visitor should take advantage of the budget rental car and go to the Jardines de los Reales Alcazaresbudget, which is a true vintage garden art with amazing vegetation and historical architecture. Therefore, at least because of the incredibly bright colors of this town, it is worth calling a trip here one of the best vacation ideas regardless of the time of year.


Denmark is a country of contrasts, because only here are classical European values and the spirit of history, imbued with William Shakespeare’s famous play, Hamlet. For couples in love, it would be better to take advantage of cheap car rentals and go to the theme park “Tivoli Gardens“, which before the New Year turns into a real Christmas fairy tale, and visiting the castle Rosenberg or Christiansburg can touch with their own hands the centuries-old historical heritage of the country and get an unrivaled impression. Use the services of rental cars near me and go to the main Opera house in Copenhagen, because this picturesque place expresses not only its views, but also fascinating performances, which should certainly go at least once in your life. (2)


Still undecided about where to spend an unforgettable vacation with your significant other? We recommend you to visit these romantic and best places in Rome because this city and country offer something different, but in any case, you will get something special when you visit them.

Felicia Wilson


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