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Locations for Wedding Photography Sessions


The wedding day is a special day for all couples who decide to take that plunge, and it’s important that every detail is perfect if you want to have a dream wedding.

A Wedding isn’t just about the ceremony, every detail plays an important role in creating a unique event with your own personal stamp. From choosing the ring to food choice to the fiancée’s dress and the location, there are a lot of details to work out, and the choices a couple make here are a way of showing the world who they are as a couple.

The photo album from a wedding photo should do justice to the overall experience on the wedding day experience. For this reason selecting an ideal location for the photography session is of vital importance. It must be in accordance with all the others elements and details that the couple have coordinated while planning the wedding. Here, are some recommendations to help choose a dream backdrop for wedding pictures.

  1. Have a photography session near the sea: Oceans, cliffs and seawalls stand out prominently as a backdrop for wedding photos, if the couple decides to get married on the beach, or if there is just a beach nearby to do a photo shoot. The pictures will have a special air with movement thanks to sea breeze, the breaking of the waves and the flying birds as a backdrop.
  2. Shoot during the golden hour: The golden hour is one of two specific hours every day, when the light shines differently and creates a golden color in the landscape. If the marrying couple decides to have the photography session outside, it can be very beneficial for them to take pictures during this magic time. Sometimes it’s difficult to schedule around this, but it can be worth it for the lighting.
  3. Photography sessions at night: Pictures outside in the night are ideal in town squares, outside illuminated churches, gardens, roads, boulevards or bridges. Wedding reception pictures should highlight the decoration of the venue, dance floor, tables and guests.
  4. Take pictures in nature: Weddings in the country, resorts, farms, and country clubs should favor natural colors. A photo album made with woods or gardens as canvas can generate a unique romanticism.
  5. Or use the city as a backdrop: Urban couples often look for original urban spaces for photo shoots. The impeccable dress of the bride and the wonderful suit of the groom, will look good in most nice neighborhoods. Or even try some photos around graffiti, murals, or terraces of large buildings. Wherever is chosen, it should be a place with a special meaning for the couple. 

Aside from choosing the ideal location and figuring out all the logistic for the dream wedding, here are some other tips to help achieve a phenomenal photography session:

  1. Find an ideal photographer: The photographer should be a professional who specializes in wedding photography, and every couple should choose a photographer with a style that they personally like. Likewise it is vital the couple create a connection with the photographer and make sure they really understand each other. The couple should go over the photographer’s portfolio and meet with them before the wedding day to be sure to communicate their goals and expectations. It is important that the photographer gets to know the couple a bit, so they can understand how the relationship is special, and to create trust with the couple so that the photos on the wedding day appear natural.

Also, it is a good idea to look at the photographer’s references. Couples can often find comments written by others couples about the photographers online.

  1. Visit the location before the wedding: The couple should visit and review the location where the photography session will take place. They should observe all the elements that make up the place, as these elements will be an important part of the scenography. If they want to be precise, they can measure spaces and check access to the chosen location – remember that people will be wearing fancy dresses!

Don’t forget calculate the time it takes to arrive at the location and any potential delays, especially if couple is having a session before the ceremony or between the ceremony and reception wedding.

  1. Plan around the weather: If couple chooses outdoor photography, the couple should keep in mind their exposure to the elements. They must be prepared for sun, rain, wind. By looking at historical data it is possible to make a guess about how the weather will be, although it’s best to never make any assumptions – if it is an outdoor location it can be a good idea to have a backup plan if there is a torrential downpour.
  2. Accessorize: Signs, blackboards, rows of lights, picture frames, flower arrangements, vases or any number of other accessories can help to emphasize the wedding theme. Couples can opt for whatever quirky props with which they can interact with to add dynamism to the session.

If they have a pet, for example, including it in the session can add a natural and cute touch.

  1. Spontaneous pictures: If the couple chooses a location where they can relax and be spontaneous the pictures will probably turn out better. In general they should try to have fun and not focus on posing too much, it is only necessary they feel emotions, have fun, and be romantic.

The couple who take the time to check wedding cakes, they should take time to check wedding pictures sessions, it help them to have some ideas before to them own session and the will not have a moment without ideas for the session.

If a couple is going to take the time to check over wedding cake, the tablecloths, the flower arrangements, and everything else, then they should also take time to properly plan the wedding photographs. Putting in some time planning this can also help them find inspiration which can improve the photo session itself as well as the wedding as a whole. 

David Smith