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5 Fundamental Disciplines Of Every High Achiever


Setting big, courageous goals and fulfilling them demands a great deal of self-discipline and persistence. It requires a period of doing what you need, instead of doing what you want. Each and every one of us has their own set of fundamental rules that define their trajectory in life.

And achieving success has the power to make us realize the things we care about the most. It makes us realize just how much we’re capable of doing in order to achieve the things we want. Without this anchor, we can easily fall victim to every distraction lurking around the corner.

Without creating an individual set of guidelines to follow, you can spend your life struggling to focus on your goals. And even though, as humans we need to stay open to spontaneity as a part of our life, it is important to know that achieving success requires action!

Here are 5 essential disciplines every high-achiever ever followed:

1. The Discipline Of Believing

I believe all of us think about doing great, creative things. But, the essential difference between a high achiever and an average person is the strong commitment to the belief. The strong will to accomplish even the impossible. The pure belief in the power our thoughts hold.

Because possessing a positive and determined mindset that you are actually capable of achieving your most desired goals is the first step toward succeeding. When you really put your mind and energy into something, everything falls into place to make it happen for you. Because you are ready to fight for it with every fiber of your being.

And, so “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

2. The Discipling Of Successfully Avoiding Distractions

The world will always be filled with entertaining and superficial distractions. So, if you are a person who usually maintains their focus sharp far away from interruptions, you’re doing great.

But, if you constantly struggle to stay away from distractions and get some work done, you should stop and turn off everything in this exact moment. I mean it when I say everything. Keep your phone with the face down, or turn off any notification that might be keeping you absent-minded, whatever you need.

Dive into the soothing silence and let your focus rise. You’ll notice how your workflow will become more productive the minute you distance yourself from all the sources of disturbance around you.

3. The Discipline Of An Efficient Time Management

Some people will say that time management in today’s, fast-paced society is impossible because we have no control over time – it flows with or without us. But, I don’t believe that nonsense.

I believe your time and what you do with it depends on yourself only. Stop with everything and start by organizing your time in a planner. Whatever works for you.

I, for example, have a special time scheduled for exercise at exactly 8 o’clock, 4 times a week. Health is a priority in my life. And when the time hits, there are no excuses. Any left work can be completed after I’m done.

Start planning your time efficiently. Because no one is going to come to you and remind you to take matters into your hands. It comes from inside. Protect your time and use it wisely.

4. The Discipline Of Keeping Yourself Healthy

If your body is not trained to be capable of handling your goals, you’re going to end up exhausted and without the slightest will to even move a finger.

That’s why it is essential to keep our health at a high level. To remain healthy, you need to take some time off your everyday work stress and dedicate it for nourishment and care for your body. It could be any kind of physical activity and ideally, it should be 3-4 times a week.

An exercise that is done correctly, trains our muscles, heart and lunges to endure larger levels of stress. Therefore, if our body is accustomed to the stress of a regular exercise, it faces less difficulties when encounters stress in other areas of life.

5. The Discipline Of Ignorance

Last, but not least, ignorance can be defined as the epitome of focusing. You can’t possibly know everything there is, and you most certainly don’t need to.

Once you acknowledge this and accept to live your life without having the answer to every question, you’ll start to focus more and more on the things you pay attention and as a result, you’ll produce even better results.

Stephanie Reeds


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