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5 Evil Methods a Narcissist Will Use To Silence Your Power


For over 3 years, I was stuck in a committed relationship with a narcissist. I was blinded by love and completely controlled by their manipulative power. Because of the terrible, devious things that they did to me, they had me completely in the palm of their hand. They took away any power that I had and made me a shell of what I was before. The worst part of it all was that I didn’t have a clue what was happening.

The last thing that I want is to see anyone else suffer in the same way that I did. So, I’m sharing these 5 evil methods a narcissist will use to silence your power.

1. Projection

Although it may be hard to believe, narcissists are inherently insecure. The reason why they act like they’re better than everyone is because of how fragile their ego is. However, they won’t deal with their low self-esteem as any normal person would. Instead, they’ll make you deal with it. If they do something terrible, they’ll accuse you of doing it. Likewise, if they feel inferior in some way, they’ll try to convince you that you’re inferior too.

2. Shaming

What a narcissist wants most is to make you feel small and worthless. To do that, they’ll shame you either in public or in private by accusing you of things or pointing out something embarrassing. What makes this so much worse is that it’s not as easy to spot this tactic as you may think. On the contrary, a narcissist will do this so subtly that you won’t even know why you feel so inferior.

3. Gaslighting

These malicious people want to make sure that they have full power over you. The most efficient way that they can do that is by making you feel like you can’t trust yourself. If they can achieve that, they’ll then be able to convince you that you can only rely on them. So, narcissists use gaslighting against their victims. This horrible tactic involves convincing you that you’re going crazy by changing facts, bending reality, and rewriting history.

4. Diversion

More than anything, all a narcissist wants is to win in this sick game that they’re playing. They’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you never have the upper hand and that they always have control. For instance, if a conversation is not going the way that they had hoped, they’ll completely change the subject to divert your attention elsewhere. Likewise, they’ll even do this to keep you feeling on-edge too.

5. Insulting

One of the most obvious methods that they will use against you is insulting you. They will call you every name under the sun just to make you feel like you’re worth less than you really are. The saddest part is, they’ll even make you believe that all their insults are really true. Then, once you’re feeling at your lowest, they’ll take full control over you and use you for their own gain.

Don’t let a narcissist make you feel like you’re not amazing, no matter who they are. They will do whatever they can to take away your power, so don’t let them. Know that you are worth so much more than that kind of treatment and that you deserve so much better in life. If you have someone who you’re close to who does any of these 5 things, then it’s time to take back control and say goodbye to them for good.

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Eva Jackson