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5 Pieces of Advice to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy


Are you a sensitive person? Do you constantly feel the feelings of others? This means that you have the ability to empathize with others and often to the extent that it can be very disruptive to you.

This is why you must learn that taking on the problems of others is not sympathy, it is not compassion. It’s just that – taking, leaving them empty, but putting upon your Soul another load of problems that isn’t even yours. So the thing you should do is to put some boundaries that will still let you be kind, but firm enough to keep your energy balanced.

Here are 5 pieces of advice that will help you restrain from taking upon the negative energy of the others and giving them yours.

1.Being a martyr won’t make others like you more

Know that you can never please somebody if they’ve already made up their mind. People will think what they want to think about you no matter what you do for them. And they have all the right to do this, by the law of free-will, so just let them be.

When you start convincing people that don’t like you to change their mind, you start explaining yourself to them. These explanations open up your Soul to them, which makes you more venerable.

When you start explaining yourself, you act out of fear and your fear feeds them. The more you fear them, the more they have power over you. But once you develop self-respect and you love and accept yourself for who you are, no matter what anybody says, you won’t need their approval or be afraid of their disapproval. (1)

2. Start selecting the people you invite in your company

This is very important to start doing if you want to protect your energy and to stay happy and peaceful. Remember that we are all energy and we are attracted by the same energy we release.

We actually select things and people by their resonance, by the frequency on which their energy vibrates. If the person we are speaking to vibrates on the same frequency as we do, we connect positively to them and they won’t harm us.

But if you start feeling negative, anxious or sleepy just get up and go. You should always choose to be in the company of people who boost your energy, who make you grow up to the next level. (2)

3. Stop paying attention to negative people

In today’s society it is considered to be rude not to pay attention when someone is speaking to you. But if that person is negative and drains your energy and you stay with them out of politeness, it can actually harm you more than you think.

When we pay attention to something or someone we feed them with our energy. Imagine if this person is no good and you pay attention to them. You become their source of energy, their food, and they eat you, slowly but effectively.

And at the end of the day you wonder why you feel nervous and depressed. There are people who enjoy the drama in their lives, but they rarely want to change, so stop wasting your time on someone like that. (3)

4. Breathe, meditate and spend time in nature

There are days when we unconsciously collect energy vampires, or energy larvae that stuck themselves onto our aura and can drain the last drop of our positive energy. So we should make a habit to walk in Nature, to be alone with the Universe and with our own Self.

We must start listening to what our Soul has to say. We need to reconnect with the beautiful Mother Nature and receive the wonderful gifts that she has in store for us – the fresh air, the song of the birds, the earth that can take our sorrow and heal you with all the love you need.

If you can learn how to breathe consciously and to meditate upon your breath, you can change your inner conditions, find your inner peace, which in return will help you change your outside surroundings and bring you abundance and joy.

5. Take responsibility for your own feelings

The most important lesson for keeping your energy to yourself and to be happy is to understand that no one can ever hurt you or touch your Soul if you don’t let them!

When you feel angry, the problem is actually in you. Because it is you who gets angry, no one forces you to be angry, the other person is only the trigger to your anger, which you already have inside.

You see, a bomb can never explode if it doesn’t have the explosive already inside. You had anger in yourself, the other person provoked you and you reacted.

But you didn’t have to react, that was solely your own choice! And now you have to take responsibility for this choice because your anger continued the fight, continued the suffering for both sides.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t have any negative characteristics. They are the ones who makes you balanced, the positive and the negative is equally needed. But you should never let the negative ones to arise, to prevail.

Learn to control your mind, and don’t let it pollute your beautiful Soul. Take responsibility for your feelings, because it is you who suffers at the end.

Love yourself, respect who you are and just be your Self. You don’t have to fit in, you don’t have to explain yourself to no one, either way some will like you, and some won’t.

As long as you love and accept yourself, you are protected by all the negativity that comes from others. So bring forth your beautiful shield made of Love and Light and enjoy life at its fullest!

David Smith


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