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Landing Your First Personal Training Job: 6 Job Hunting Tips


As an individual who has fulfilled the requirements of becoming a personal trainer, there is no doubt that you are striving to stand out and have your name consistently pop up amongst the list of personal trainers. However, there is one tugging question every new personal trainer tends to ask, “How do I land my first job?”  This article aims to highlight what to do to land your first personal training job.

How Do I Land A Personal Trainer Job?

Many things need to be done to land a job as a personal trainer as it is a pretty sensitive role. Below are a few of them:

Make Yourself Visible

Different clients have different needs for personal training. Your responsibility is to sell yourself and enlighten people of your capabilities, and specialization through social media is a sure way to get people to notice you. Potential followers will be drawn to you with consistent fitness photos and content. You should be aware that there is a buzzing personal trainer job market, and it is your responsibility to advertise yourself and your services convincingly to find clients. So while you are job hunting and making yourself visible, ensure to work on your professional trainer resume. Your resume should be impeccable and should properly highlight your skills as an experienced trainer.

Offer A Free Trial

Everyone likes free things. You can get your first set of clients by offering a one-week free trial. When you do this, ensure that all of those who register for your free trial has a great experience. By doing this, you are giving them an insight on what they stand to benefit or gain when they employ your services by literally giving them the opportunity to test the waters, as well as a chance for you to show how you can help them and of course, the impact you can make. You could also take 50% off for the first month. If you are a trainer who wants to learn more you can get group exercise instructor certifications and expand your offers. When clients see results, they’ll be moved to pay in full and continue till they reach their goal.

Do Your Job Properly

If you sell yourself properly, you will find at least one client. You must do your job properly as the words from your client’s mouth are a perfect way of advertising yourself. It is important and only right to be devoted and dedicated to tending to your client’s needs by giving them your best. If you do your job properly, your clients and those around them will begin to see results in no time. If they are impressed with your services, you could politely ask them to put a word out for you. It’s been proven that word of mouth is one of the most reliable ways to market a product or service. Because people trust friends and family, it’s easier to get new clients through an already satisfied client.

Understand Your Client

It is very important to understand your clients, their needs, and how your routines work for them. It is important to ensure that the routines are not too strenuous or too easy; they should be enough to burn down the calories where the client needs them burnt. It is important to ensure that your schedules and routines fit the client’s needs and goals. You can utilize personal training scheduling software to streamline the process. You should also ensure that you give them sufficient information on their health and wellness and ensure a nutritional balance in their diet. This will go a long way in speeding up your processes, and the results will speak for themselves and have more people looking for you and your services.

Be Professional And Create Safe Environment

It is important to be very professional in your dealings as a personal trainer. You need to tell what people look for (and avoid) when choosing personal trainers. Ensure that you know your boundaries and try never to cross them, as this has the capability of ruining your training career before it properly starts. A trainer needs to discuss with each client before starting any training to assess their goals, health status, background, nutrition, and other important things to not trespass. It is also important to be patient and consistent, as these are the attributes of a good trainer. It is also essential to have the ability to calmly and communicate with each client to experience them. This doesn’t restrict you from pushing and motivating your clients as it is part of your job description. Just learn your boundaries and avoid being too pushy or aggressive so that the experience is challenging but still enjoyable and inspiring.

Develop A Working Relationship With Health Professionals

It is almost impossible to have clients who wouldn’t get injured or have a medical issue. It is important to have a good working relationship with a chiropractor or a sports physician’s care because you can refer your clients to the appropriate professional. Creating this working relationship will help to give you credibility and, at the same time, help safeguard the health of your clients.

Finding a job as a personal trainer shouldn’t be so much of a chore if you do things the right way. The more professional and dedicated you are to your work, the more the ease of finding a client. With these few tips, you will land good jobs as a personal trainer.

Felicia Wilson