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4 Types of Advertising to Try This Year

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Advertising is a constantly evolving industry with a plethora of options for new innovations, new marketing campaigns, and new methodologies. As the 2022 year comes to a close, there are a number of advertising techniques to take into the new year, and a number of new techniques to try. While it can be overwhelming at times to decide what directions to go with, advertising is a fun practice that provides plenty of opportunity to evolve and adjust your strategy. With these four types of advertising to try this year, you will find inspiration and excitement to continue growing your business or brand. 

1. Multi-Platform Social Media

Social media advertising has repeatedly swept the marketing world over the last ten years. Through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and others, businesses and brands are able to reach large amounts of their targeted audience. Due to its prominence in today’s age, it is highly unlikely that most businesses don’t have a social media marketing strategy running consistently. If you don’t, you need one! 

So why bring up social media advertising when nearly everyone utilizes it? Because it’s time to expand your advertising strategies beyond one or two social medias, existing independently. Create a multi-platform social media advertising strategy. This means utilizing different visuals and text on different platforms, and even allowing your campaigns across platforms to interact with one another. Attempt to lead people from your Instagram to your TikTok, and vice versa. This practice can help expand your reach and gain you significantly more customers. 

Understand the different needs of each platform, categorize them, and even understand what strategies you will use when new types of social media platforms are created in the next year, depending on what categories they fall under. This level of preparedness can help your team jump at opportunities as soon as they are available.

2. Billboard Advertising

It may seem strange to jump from multi-platform social media to billboards, but billboards continue to pose an excellent opportunity for a number of ad campaigns. Whether you are a local business looking to increase traffic, or are a nationwide product or application looking to build awareness, billboards have the capacity to reach otherwise missed subject groups. 

Why should you try billboard advertising? First and foremost, you are able to reach daily commuters, sidewalk explorers, and public transit users all in one go, especially if you place your billboards well. Additionally, utilizing an effective billboard can lead others to your social media and web pages.

Another fantastic reason to utilize billboards is that you can knowingly target local audiences. Consider taking advantage of Detroit billboards, versus Los Angeles billboard advertising. With each of these you can utilize a different approach, a different visual, or subtly different text that targets the specific local subject group. Doing so allows you to expand your general reach, while still staying focused to a point.

Digital billboards also offer great opportunities to use exciting visuals and animations to increase consumer retention. (1)

3. Influencer Marketing

Twitch TV is one of the most watched forms of live television globally. Additionally, services like TikTok and YouTube bring in billions of views every day. The faces of these platforms—influencers—are one of the greatest tools in your arsenal as an advertiser. Whether it’s free products, paid promotion, or sponsorships, working with influencers to endorse and push your products forward can be a phenomenal way to grow your business. 

A great way to go about this is to research yourself, or to put out feelers. Finding streamers who are interested in your product, or who use it already is one of the best places to start. Send them demo items, or sponsor a few of their episodes. This allows someone who already believes in your product to advertise it, which is a great way to generate a loyal following. 

Another strategy is to advertise your need for influencers to back your product, and those with similar interests may quickly come to you. Creating a backing of influencers who believe in your product and will show it on their streams or videos is a great way to not only find new customers but to build trust among those you already have. (2)

4. Be Creative

We know that this isn’t specific, but the world of advertising is ever-changing. If you have a creative new idea, give it a shot. It may be the next big thing. Be the creative, exciting new type of advertising campaign that stands out, and share your success with the world. If you continue to innovate both within, and outside of these categories, your 2023 advertising expedition could be one of excitement and success.

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