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4 Kinds Of Narcissist Who Attract Empaths Into Their Toxic World


Whereas empaths are loving, nurturing, and kind, narcissists are self-absorbed, malicious, and completely lacking in remorse. These two personalities are as opposite as opposite could get. Despite that, they’re often intensely attracted to one another.

This desire to be together is mainly because of the many faces that a narcissist can show. They will carefully calculate all of them with the intention of destroying their victims. Here are 4 kinds of narcissists who attract empaths into their toxic world.

1. The Perfect Partner

Picture this: You meet someone who’s not only charming and alluring, but they’re also everything that you’ve ever wanted. They’re kind, understanding, witty, and like all the same things as you. It’s as if you’ve won the romance lottery and found the person of your dreams.

Truly, it seems too good to be true.

This kind of narcissist is one who morphs into whoever their victim wants them to be. Although they may not be your perfect match at all, they’ll at least pretend to be. This is because they want to trap you and make you believe in a fantasy. More often than not, they only do this because they want something from you such as money or power.

2. The Victim

One of the biggest tricks in the narcissist handbook is playing the victim. By doing that, they draw empaths in because of their overwhelming desire to heal. Sadly, they’re highly skilled at hiding the reality of their egotistical nature and fooling people into believing that they are true victims.

A narcissist who uses this tactic is a particularly dangerous one. This is true because they will always be able to convince you that you’re wrong, even when they’ve just done something horrible to you. Furthermore, they often even believe that lie themselves.

3. The Elitist

It’s pretty easy to get used to something. Most of us in the western world have had clean water, food, clothes, and shelter for our whole lives. However, if you gave those things to someone from the developing world, they’d see it as a luxury.

As ridiculous as it may seem, the same rules apply to money – if someone is used to wealth, they won’t want to settle for anything less.

You’d be surprised by just how common it is for narcissists to be born into wealthy families. The problem, however, is that they will want to continue on with this lifestyle and make it a part of their personality. They may even try to entice you with their money too. If that doesn’t work, they’ll try to pretend to be humble for your sake while still doing whatever they can to maintain their luxurious lifestyle.

4. The Superhero

Just as some narcissists will want to portray themselves as victims, others want to give people the impression that they’re the complete opposite. These people truly believe that they’re akin to superheroes. In their minds, they’re powerful, unstoppable, courageous, and cool. However, in reality, they’re usually not any of those things at all.

The thing is if you say something frequently and loudly enough, people will believe you. These narcissists will convince you that they’re your protectors. They’ll tell you that they’ll always be there for you and you’ll even begin to believe it. Sadly, underneath it all, they’re the ones hurting you the most.

In some cases, you may encounter a narcissist who fits just one of these descriptions. More often than not, however, you’ll find one who embodies all of them. These people will change and adapt whenever they need to so that they can attract and control empaths. So, don’t let them fool you. Know which signs to look for and stay as far away as you possibly can.

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Eva Jackson