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4 Instant And Extremely Powerful Reflexology Tips For Stopping Pain And Saying Goodbye To Insomnia


You hate taking medicine but you are having such a severe headache that you can’t function at work. The solution is reflexology – an alternative method for instant pain relief.

Reflexology is an alternative medicine practice of applying pressure to certain points on the body, mainly located on the feet, ears, and the hands. These “reflex points” are connected to different bodily organs.

If you suffer from any of the things listed below, we give you the reflex points that correspond to them so that you can try applying pressure to them instead of taking pills to stop the pain.


Headaches can be the absolute worst, making us unable to do any work or finish any task. If you want to relieve a headache, you should massage the tips of your fingers and thumbs. Or, massage the area between your forefinger and your thumb. This is supposed to relieve your headache.


Sitting in a bad posture in front of your computer can result in next pain. To alleviate this pain, massage the top of your thumb and then slowly go to the middle of your wrist – that’s the spinal reflex. This process might be painful, so continue massaging it longer. Then repeat the process on the other hand.


Are you suddenly feeling like you are getting sick? Don’t worry. Start by alleviating your sinus and head reflexed by gently massaging the base of each of your fingers to the tip. Repeat this a few times on each finger.


Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you always toss and turn during the night? If you have a problem with insomnia, massage the pituitary gland reflex that is placed in the middle of your thumb. Press it and hold it for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat this process a few times a day on both hands.

WORD OF CAUTION: These techniques will not work on everyone. For continuous pain please visit your doctor.

Mary Wright