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35 Effective Ways To Reveal Whether Your Partner Is A Narcissist

Is your partner a narcissist

Don’t you think that the label narcissist is something that is used very loosely nowadays?

People are often using it to describe a person who has a selfish and ego-centric personality.  However, the true meaning of the actual personality disorder goes much deeper and has very harmful effects on anyone involved with these individuals.

So, if you were raised by a narcissistic parent or you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, you probably know what it feels to be savagely manipulated for the purpose of their goals.

You try to convince yourself that it’s just the way they are, but after a while, you realize that your partner never saw the real you. They just kept using you.

So, in order to get a grasp of the situation and find out whether your partner is indeed a narcissist, here are 35 questions you need to ask yourself:

1. When something is wrong, does your partner blame you?

2. Is your partner convinced that he/she is always right?

3. Does your partner refuse to be held accountable for his/her rude and manipulative behavior?

4. Does your partner fail to express his/her emotions or seem to deny them?

5. Does your partner carry grudges against everyone, including you?

6. Is it always about his/her money, time, emotions, wishes/demands?

7. Does your partner seem uninterested when it comes to you and your life?

8. Is your partner constantly telling you what to do, and how to behave?

9. Does your partner make you feel like you’re nothing? Does he/she make you feel like you’re not good enough?

10. Does he/she never ask you about your emotions, your opinions, your day, your life?

11. Does your partner have the need to go on and on about how perfect he/she is and how pathetic and miserable you are?

12. Does your partner lie to you?

13. Does he/she manipulate you?

14. Does your partner tend to distort the truth and tell different stories just, so he/she can look good in the eyes of other people?

15. Are your children okay with your partner, or they are so uncomfortable that they’re usually reluctant to spend time with him/her?

16. Have you come to realize that maybe your children are trying to protect themselves by not sharing anything with your partner?

17. Does your partner hate and mistrust everyone?

18. Does your partner usually skip the children’s activities and events as if he/she doesn’t value their efforts enough?

19. Does your partner desperately push the children to engage in activities he/she like and discourage them to pursue any activity he/she disapproves of?

20. Have you heard someone close say that there’s something odd or strange about your partner?

21. Does he/she mercilessly take advantage of other people?

22. Is your partner all about control and power?

23. Is he/she all about image and how others perceive him/her?

24. Does your partner seem to have no idea about what’s wrong, or right? Does your partner lack a well-established value system?

25. After your separation, does your partner kept harassing and exploiting you?

26. When you try to talk about your problems, does your partner change the subject so that you end up discussing his/her issues?

27. Does your partner act ridiculously jealous of you for no apparent reason?

28. Does he/she lack empathy?

29. Do you feel threatened by your partner?

30. Are you afraid of your partner?

31. Does he/she desperately try to compete with you?

32. Is he/she too judgmental and critical when it comes to other people and you?

33. Does your partner act like the world revolves around him/her?

34. If you have a chance to leave him/her and never, ever come back, would you do it?

35. Have you asked yourself if your partner really loves you?

Stephanie Reeds


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