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30 Life-Changing Sentences That You All Need To Hear


We all face challenges in life. And when life gets way too much difficult, we need something to push us forward and give us the strength we need. Read these thirty life-truths every time you need to be reminded of the important things in life. Because life’s too short.

1. What others think of you IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS.

2. YOU and only YOU are in charge of your happiness.

3. Learn how to deal with CHANGE. It is inevitable.

4. You can’t be always RIGHT. Learn to accept your mistakes.

5. There is no PERFECT TIMING for anything. You make it yourself.

6. There is always something to be GRATEFUL for.

7. Just because someone broke up with you doesn’t mean they are an asshole, it means that sometimes things DON’T WORK OUT and it is no one’s fault.

8. YOU are the person that is holding you back.

9. You are not the only one going through difficult stuff. WE are ALL facing challenges.

10. You only WASTE your precious time by worrying.

11. In life, you reap what you sow.

12. Oftentimes it is worth taking a RISK.

13. The majority of our arguments with others are POINTLESS.

14. We will all DIE when our time comes.

15. Usually, our REACTIONS are more meaningful than what happened initially.

16. Don’t waste your time dealing with TOXIC people. LET THEM GO once and for all.

17. The world and the other people OWE YOU NOTHING.

18. Just because you LOVE someone does not mean that they have to return your love.

19. NO ONE wants to hear your whining and chronic complaining.

20. There is a difference between BEING ALONE and BEING LONELY.

21. If you have doubts about whether they like you or not, they most likely DON’T.

22. LOVE YOURSELF the way you are and be PROUD of you.

23. Just because something seems difficult DOESN’T mean that it can’t be done.

24. There is little that we can control in our life.


26. Bragging is something that only the INSECURE people do.

27. Others will treat you the way you ALLOW them to treat you.

28. Don’t think and say. DO!

29. If you want to change something in your life – MAKE A PLAN and ACT on it.

30. If you never try, you will never know. And REGRET is the worst.

Mary Wright


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