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21 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Actually Respect Yourself


Having self-respect is the first step of the eternal journey of self-acceptance. It’s understanding our worth, acknowledging our values, our true nature and accepting our true being the way it is.

It all comes down to being the kind of person you truly wish to be without having a single care in the world what anybody says about it. It’s having the courage to stand up for yourself and speak up about things that bother you, or worse, harm you.

When you finally reach that stage, you become more aware of who you are, so naturally, the process of transformation commences.

You realize things that were blurry for a long time, and you now know that is the time to take matters into your hands!

1. You started placing yourself on the top of the priority list. Not to sound selfish, but who else is going to take care of yourself if you won’t do it?

2. Stopped accepting apologies and meaningless words that aren’t justified by a proper action. Words are shallow. And actions are indeed louder than words.

3. You now understand that you no longer should be the mediator between people. No more playing the martyr for other people’s sake. Their issues are theirs. You realized that sticking your head where it doesn’t belong ends up punching you in the face.

4. There’s no more idly nodding while people are draining your energy complaining about their constant problems in life that somehow magically always remain the same. Because, unlike them, you decided to make the change within yourself.

5. Cutting all the toxic relationships that inflicted you pain for a long time. There’s no use in trying something with a person who only exists to feed on your purity.

6. No longer justifying your actions to others. Only you get to decide what you’re going to do with your life. No more explaining why you date someone, why you change your job. No one has the right to approve your choices.

7. You’ll answer the texts when you feel like it. It’s not rude, it’s natural to need a space for yourself. You won’t let others define your time and you most certainly won’t allow yourself to become a brainless consumer spending 24/7 h scrolling your feed.

8. Going home when you feel like it. Or not going out when you want to stay at home. You finally came to a conclusion that you shouldn’t live your life according to some ignorant, socially-accepted rules.

9. You realized that people expectations of you shouldn’t be keeping you away from all the things you want to achieve. You owe nothing to them. Every person out there is a perfectly unique combination of ideals and virtues, and we’re all very different. So, it is only natural to have a distinct perspective of everything around us.

10.Embracing change without being afraid of it. It’s one of the core principals of life. No matter how much we resist it, it’ll always be one step ahead of us.

11. No more exposing your intimacy on social media, because the comment section and the likes will never portray your true life.

12. You’ll no longer engage with people whose energy just doesn’t correspond with yours. There’s no need for forcing things that aren’t real.

13. And you’ll give up the harmful coping mechanism of drinking yourself into an oblivion whenever your spirits are low.

14. No longer caring if people think your lifestyle or preferences are cool or not. What they think, and how they feel about it, is their issue, and nobody else’s.

15. And no longer feeling uncomfortable to say no, when it is the only thing your body and mind feel.

16. You learned that nobody should tolerate your insufferable behavior. So, no more bursting out in anger to people that don’t deserve to handle your issues.

17. No more trying to convince everyone to like you, and no more moulding yourself into the person they want to see.

18. And falling in love with the thought that it’s perfectly nice to not be liked by everyone.

19. You realized it’s time to start taking full responsibility for your life. No more carelessly sitting and waiting for the opportunities to come find you.

20. No more playing the helpless victim.

21. Never again prioritizing people who only see you as an option in their life.

Stephanie Reeds

Stephanie Reeds

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Stephanie Reeds


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