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21 Things Only People Who Love Spending Time On Their Own Will Understand


Hello, world,

I am an introvert. I’m constantly labeled as an antisocial, reserved and weird. I love my personal space. I enjoy spending time on my own. That is the time when I feel most relaxed and most comfortable. And if you ask me, I believe that going out is a pointless excuse of wasting precious energy that could be put in something more meaningful.

In all honesty, it’s not that I hate people or anything.  It’s just…this world is sometimes too much for me. But, that’s just me, I guess.  Or is it?

This goes to all of you misunderstood, weird, withdrawn, introvert and shy people!

Here are 21 things that only you would understand:

1. Canceling every plan you had and rescheduling every responsibility for the next week is the best way to spend your weekend.

2. You often catch yourself in a position where the only excuse for not wanting to go out is the fact that you just want to be alone. And sometimes people don’t understand that. But that is fine. It’s not like you care.

3. There’s no person alive who could keep your attention the way a good novel, a new intriguing documentary or a good album could.

4. Packing essentials and going away in an isolated cabin in the woods sounds like a way better vacation idea than going to the beach.

5. You can’t understand why people look at you strangely when you sit at a restaurant and have dinner all by yourself. More importantly, you can’t get it through your head why would someone feel the need to always socialize with people.

6. Relationships are okay, as long as your partner is not a clingy, over-attached person who likes to spend 24/7 beside you.

7. Because let’s face it, you could never survive in a relationship that doesn’t let you breathe. Even when you are with someone, you crave time for self-reflection and self-love.

8. So, the only person you could ever see yourself with is someone who also appreciates their personal space and loves spending time alone. Otherwise, the relationship is doomed from the start.

9. Because of this, you have a strong intuition.

10. While all of your friends are desperate for relationships and while every person around you is busy getting married, you are out there enjoying your freedom. There is nothing more beautiful to you than being independent and free in your choices.

11. You enjoy working on creative projects. That way you allow yourself to dive deep inside your imagination and express your emotions and thought the best way that you can.

12. You are a person who tends to observe and study the behaviors of others. You want to learn more about the human’s psyche because that is something that will serve you well in your communication with other people.

13. A whole day spent on your own doing things that make your soul flourish gives you the strength to survive the work week.

14. Unlike everyone else, you love rainy days. The melancholy of the raindrops falling on your roof makes you feel calmer, gives you the opportunity to stay at home and engage in self-reflection.

15. You always hang out with one or a few people. No big crowds or new people. The more intimate, the better.

16. As a result of your quality time with yourself, you are more present and focused when you spend time with people. You want to listen to everything they have to say and connect with the ones you love.

17. It is certainly fun to go out and have drinks with your friends. But indulging in a nice bottle of wine all by yourself, while rereading some of your favorite novels? Priceless.

18. Shopping alone is your therapy. You can spend hours and hours strolling around town and not get bored.

19. But, traveling solo? To you, that is the definition of heaven. Experiencing the world through your own senses without having someone around you is not a desire of yours, it is a need. Something that keeps you alive.

20. You are happy when someone cancels plans on you.

21. People who know the way your heart beats and love you with all of their hearts would use one word to describe you. INDEPENDENT.

Stephanie Reeds