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2019, Thank You For All The Struggles And All The Closed Doors

Thank You For All The Struggles And All The Closed Doors

2019, you’ve been amazing!

You’ve given me the most wonderful moments and the best opportunities I could ever ask for. You’ve gifted me with joy and happiness. You’ve surrounded me with the right people in my life. You’ve shown me what it means to live life to the fullest. You’ve filled my life with adventure, carried me to unknown destinations, made me wonder what lies beyond the horizon. You’ve

Thank you for the marvelous ride. I am beyond grateful for every blessing that you’ve given me. But you know what? I am even more grateful for those hardships.

2019, thank you for all the lessons. Thank you for the failures. Thank you for helping me learn what life is like on my own. It took me a lot of time to realize that the mistakes I’ve made were for my own good. It took me a lot of patience and even more mistakes to finally stop despising myself and acknowledge the fact that I am just a human. But I am finally here. And now I get it. I am blessed to have experienced everything that you confronted me with. I am happy knowing that I did my best to not only overcome the obstacles but also learn from my hardships.

2019, thank you for all the tears and sleepless nights. Thank you for all the heartbreaks. Thank you for all the sadness and all the anger that I’ve felt. They’ve made me who I am today. Every salty drop against my skin, every headache, every frustration that you put me through helped me get to know myself better. They’ve healed my wounds, ignited the fire inside of me and gave me the strength to get back on my feet. All of this made me realize how much I’ve taken life for granted.

2019, thank you for all the doubts. Thank you for all the uncertainty. Thank you for all the insecurities. It was hard for me to release myself from the cage that I put myself in a long time ago. But every decision I made lead me to this. To the person I am today. Even those who made my knees weak, heart pound and hands shake from fear. Those are exactly the ones who brought me closer to my dreams.

2019, thank you for all the closed doors. Thank you for all the NOs when I relentlessly banged my head against the wall forcing myself to succeed in everything I put my mind to. Thank you for all the signs that you’ve given me. All of those failures and rejections that you’ve faced me with were just signals that some things are not meant for me. All of those disappointments were just paving my way to something bigger. I guess I needed time to realize that and let go of certain things that don’t work. Anyway, I did it. That’s why I am here.

If it wasn’t for those setbacks and struggles, I wouldn’t have made it this far.

This has been the most wonderful and most challenging journey in my life. 2019, you’ve tested my strength. You’ve faced me with the worst, put me down and then helped me rise from the ashes. You’ve confronted me with emotions I’ve never felt before. But through it all, you’ve helped me learn my lessons.

And for that, I am more than grateful.

2020, bring it on!

I am more than ready for you!

Stephanie Reeds