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17 Peculiar Things Only Introverted Extroverts Can Relate To


Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Or maybe both?

The truth is, I didn’t even know there’s such thing as an introverted extrovert until I realized that I am the definition of an extrovert who enjoys being introvert.

I am incredibly out-going, I like to socialize and explore everything this world has to offer, but then again, I enjoy spending time alone comfortably ticked in and isolated in the serenity of my nook.

Look, I get it. It’s more confusing to me than it is to you, but luckily, I’m not alone.

So, here are 17 things only my unique fellow introverted extroverted will relate to:

1. You are one of the most straight-forward and outspoken person in your group, but when it comes to meeting new people you are suddenly incredibly shy. As soon as other people get inside your zone, you get back in your shell until it’s safe to get out.

2. People actually say that you’re like an open book, but you hold secrets they’ll never ever discover. Being friendly is one thing, but privacy is completely another. And to you it is truly important

3. Even though you enjoy your Friday night of boozing and barhopping with your best friends, there’s noting more soothing and peaceful than the comfort of your own bed. And sometimes the struggle is real. Should I got out, or binge-watch That70sShow and enjoy myself?

4. Everyone thinks you’re tough as a rock, but only your best friend how fragile and closeted your heart actually is.

5. You really don’t want to let other people down, but the thought of having so much social obligations and events is just stressing you out to a point where you collapse. You have to look after yourself first.

6. You enjoy talking to people, especially the ones you hold dear to your heart. But, the thing is, you hate talking over the phone. Ringing the phone should be a last resort. Only if it’s about something urgent.

7. Small talk is the death of you. It’s not that you can’t maintain it, it is more because you can’t stand it.

8. How should I put this… You love to hang out and socialize, but you also hate being surrounded by large groups of people. You are completely conflicted with your inner self, but it is what it is. Sometimes all you want is to be left alone.

9. Which means that you appreciate your alone time more than anything else. Keeping yourself, company is the most important thing to you because it is the only way to reconnect and make up for all of your time spent on socializing. You are a whole.

10. So, you spend a way more time day-dreaming and wandering in your head than people think. It’s just… sometimes it’s more interesting and liberating to stay in your own thoughts than focus on what others want.

11. And that is why silence is something you appreciate the most. So underrated, yet so essential for life.

12. Your favorite people to hang out are definitely the ones who don’t suddenly overreact and ask “Omg, are you okay?” whenever you stop talking. Nothing is wrong actually, you just need a time out from all the pressure of everyday existence.

13. You don’t like the pressure of having to respond to a text message. As long as it’s not seen, you don’t bother to reply.

14. It’s crazy but when you meet someone you really like it feels like you instantly fall in love with them. I believe that extroverted introverts are truly picky when it comes to relationships. So, when you finally meet someone who ignites fireworks between you, that’s basically it.

15. Another paradox on the way. The extroverted part of you makes you a leader, but the introverted part of you just wants to lay low and focus on yourself. The possibility of f*cking everything up is constantly pressuring you.

16. Spontaneity? No, you don’t do spontaneity. How would you prepare yourself for how out-going or closeted you’ll need to be if you don’t know what’s going to happen? That simply doesn’t work for you.

17. All things considered, you have a complex and unique personality that some people find confusing, but it’s fine because you’ve already accepted who you are. The people who know you, love you for who you really are. And that’s more than enough.

Stephanie Reeds