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12 Things Mentally Tough People Never Do


I’m sure you’ve met these resourceful, resilient, confident people who manage to overcome any difficulty life throws their way and handle any pain. And I also believe you can’t help but wonder what these people do so that they’re so mentally tough. Well, the truth is, they derive their mental strength not from the things they do, but from the things they never do.

For example, mentally tough people never allow their emotions to have control over their thoughts and actions. They never play the victim, sweep their problems under the carpet, and complain about how hard their life is. Instead, they think of the root cause of their problems, be that some bad habit, a wrong attitude, or a past mistake and they try to find a way to eliminate it.

They simply understand that mental strength is as important as the physical one and that if one wants to build their mental muscle, they have to get rid of all their negative thoughts and emotions, unhealthy habits, and unproductive behavior. By doing so, they’ll also pave the way towards their happiness and success.

Here are the 12 things mentally people never do:

1. They never avoid change.

Staying within our comfort zones makes us feel the safest, but this won’t take us anywhere. Mentally tough people know that if they want to achieve success and grow both personally and professionally, they have to be open to any change and be willing to adapt to it.

They’re not afraid to leave a toxic relationship, break a bad habit, change their job, or distance themselves from negative people if they know this will improve the quality of their life.

2. They never dwell on the past.

What’s done it’s done, there’s no turning back. Mentally though people know that there’s no use whatsoever racking your brains about your past mistakes, failures, lost opportunities, and breakups.

Dwelling on these things can only make you feel worse and prevent you from living in the present moment and taking all the great opportunities life has to offer you. These people concentrate only on the present and make plans for the future.

3. They never let others have power over them.

These people have a strong mental attitude and don’t let other people control them. You’d never hear a mentally strong person say something like: “My partner always takes advantage of me and makes me feel unworthy” because they know who they are and they know their worth.

They also understand that they can choose how they respond to the way others treat and talk to them.

4. They never waste their energy on things beyond their control.

A mentally strong person will never allow themselves to waste their time and energy worrying about things they’re not able to control. They’ll never worry about what others think and say about them or complain about the traffic jam in the city.

Instead, they focus on things that they can control, such as a project they have to complete, their career, or relationships, be that romantic or otherwise.

5. They never worry about pleasing everyone.

People who posses mental strength know that there’s no need to always please everyone. They’re not afraid to turn down an offer at work, or skip a family event, or say NO to anything that opposes their attitudes and principles although they know that this will make their boss or their loved ones disappointed with and even mad at them.

Making choices that can upset other people is not easy at all and requires a lot of courage. But, mentally tough people understand that living a life in accordance with your ideals and moral values is what matter the most.

6. They’re never afraid to take calculated risks.

When these people have to make an important choice, they never base their decisions on their emotions, let alone their fear. Instead, they take time to calculate the potential risk and benefits before they take action. This enables them to avoid making mistakes and to always make the choice that will benefit them.

7. They never repeat the same mistakes.

Mentally tough people are not ashamed or afraid to own up to their mistakes. They always take responsibility for their own actions. They’re willing to learn from their mistakes so as to avoid repeating them and to make wise decisions in the future and become better.

8. They never give up after failure.

Where most people see a failure, mentally tough people see a new opportunity to shine. Failure is never a reason for them to stop trying pursuing their goals and passions.

Instead, they see failure as a motivation to try harder to achieve the things they want and reach their full potential. They use their own failures as an opportunity for self-growth.

9. They never envy other people’s successes.

What a mentally strong person only cares about is their own life, happiness, and achievements. They know that whether or not they’ll achieve success has nothing do with the success of others, which is why they don’t get jealous when another person gets promoted or buys a car that they can’t afford.

Mentally tough people set their goals and commit all their energy and time to fulfilling them.

10. They never expect immediate results.

Whether they’re trying to get out of a bad habit, set up a business, or just lose some weight, mentally tough people understand that nothing in life can happen at a lightning speed.

Instead of expecting immediate results, they make sure they use their time effectively and do things the best they can.

11. They’re never afraid to be alone.

As a matter of fact, they enjoy being alone. This provides them with the opportunity to reflect upon their own thoughts, feelings, and progress. They use their alone time to make smart decisions and create new goals.

They don’t have to be surrounded by other people all the time so as to feel happy and fulfilled and have fun. They enjoy their own company.

12. They don’t think the world owes them anything.

They don’t just sit still and wait idly for others to solve their problems and give them what they believe they deserve. They know that whatever they want to achieve, they have to try to do that themselves.

So, they set clear goals and identify their problems and then they pluck up the courage and go out in the world to find a way to achieve them and find solutions.

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Riley Cooper